2011 03 01 Meeting Photos

Lots of photos tonight!

Jay and Lucky Wayne, Trev and Mureille
CAV%20004.jpg CAV%20005.jpg
Wayne receives his MR4D Blocker Kit Mike & Rowland from MR4D & Trev
CAV%20%20007.jpg CAV%20%20010.jpg
MR4D Blocker Coordinators Mike & Rowland Gepetto presents Lucky with her Winged Wheel
CAV%20%20011.jpg CAV%20%20012.jpg
Wayne received his 5th year bar Kitbag receives his year bar
CAV%20%20013.jpg CAV%20%20014.jpg
Kitbag receives his Winged Wheel Flatfoot receives his Winged Wheel
Jay receives his Winged Wheel
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