2011 07 31 Ride

These are pic's of a run Ann organized that included Big Al, Fran, Neuf, Silly and I (Lucster)… After enjoying our usual Timmy's we set out for kingston via the back roads with big Al leading us at a very smooth pace. Pic no472 shows us at our first pit stop. Big Al and I where in a typical conversation when silly mentioned " smile girls because the men aren't paying any attention to us"… Those smiles say it all…


Next we have Pic # 473… Worm burger anyone ??? Maybe we'll hold off until we reach Kingston.. Ya think ??


Next up Pic # 474 shows us downtown Kingston minutes prior to us arriving at a Primo lunch Pit Stop " The Copper Penny" Fran's fav Eatery. Highly recommended by all. It offers a rustic atmosphere, excellent menu with a wide range of treat's " from stuffed mushroom's to filet mignon including huge portions of yummy chocolate Cake for dessert"..


475 Here we are leaving the downtown core in front of the Military College on our way to the 1000 islands parkway…

476 View of the activity on the St Laurence from the parkway.. Great stuff the whole way…


Note: Once we reached Brockville we headed home via Merrickville where we enjoyed a well deserved pit stop on a nice patio..

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