Ride to Huntsville

On Saturday September 29th Spider & Judy, Lucster & Silly, Nets & Johanna, Jacks & Alabama, Trev and Kathy headed up to Huntsville via Renfrew and Highway 60 through Algonquin Park. What a great day, a little cool to start, but the roads, the scenery and the company was great. We met Mel & Witch and their friends Randy and Louise in Huntsville. We had a cool, chilly ride home, but the roads were great and the Fall colours spectacular. Thank you Spider for organizing this outing.

Huntsville%20001.jpg Huntsville%20003.jpg
Huntsville%20038.jpg Huntsville%20010.jpg
Huntsville%20011.jpg Huntsville%20012.jpg
Huntsville%20019.jpg Huntsville%20024.jpg
Huntsville%20025.jpg Huntsville%20026.jpg
Huntsville%20028.jpg Huntsville%20029.jpg
Huntsville%20031.jpg Huntsville%20032.jpg
Huntsville%20034.jpg Huntsville%20035.jpg
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