2016 Paardeberg Memorial Ride

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Our 2016 Memorial Ride paid tribute to our unit's fallen members following a ride to Old Chelsea Pioneer Cemetery to pay our respect to Pte Thompson, QC; followed with Beechwood Military Cemetery, Ernie "Budda" Hall, Wayne "Watchdog" Boone, Gerald "Moon" Mullins; Capital Funeral Cemetery Hugh "Scout" Glynn and Munster Hamlet Cemetery, Lloyd Carr. Followed by lunch at Danby's Bar and Grill, Munster

2016%20MR%20%233.jpg 2016%20MR%20%233.jpg
2016%20MR%20%234.jpg 2016%20MR%20%235a.jpg
2016%20MR%20%235.jpg 2016%20MR%20%236.jpg
Mullins%20Moon.jpg Hall%2C%20Budha.jpg
Boone%2C%20Wayne.jpg 2016%20MR%20%237aq.jpg
2016%20MR%20%237.jpg 2016%20MR%20%2310%20a.jpg
2016%20MR%20%2311.jpg 2016%20MR%20%2312.jpg
2016%20MR%20%2313.jpg 2016%20MR%20%2314.jpg
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