August 11 2009 Meeting

Paardeberg Unit, 1 CAV
11 Aug 09


Executive: Radar, Sgt-at-Arms

Members: LA; Smokey; Hammer; Newf; Wayne; Chevy, Lavi, Spider, Douc(Mel) and and Witch(Brenda).

Regrets: Sheriff, President; Tom, Vice; Kathy, Secretary; Trevor, Road Captain,

Radar called the meeting to order at 7:10pm

As there were two new faces, Radar encouraged a round table introduction to allow people to become more familiar with each other. It was announced there would be no draw tonight.

Radar read the financial report stating there was 301.95 in the fund. He explained that any expenditures were voted upon unless it was below $50.00 then the executive could agree to purchase without a vote.

Radar explained the update on the insurance policy. He said that the CAV National HQ wanted to increase dues by 5.00 to cover the cost of the insurance. After some discussion, it was:
Motioned by Wayne and
seconded by Lavi
that Paardeberg would take the extra funds from the dues already being paid and would not increase our membership dues to compensate for the insurance costs.

It was announced the creation of a Silver Cross Patch to be worn on the CAV vest. This Patch would have the same considerations as the awarded Silver Cross Medals. It could only be worn by those who are the immediate family of the Silver Cross recipient.

This years elections submissions are to be into the executive by October. The bio of the competing presidents will be emailed out and the election itself will be conducted in Nov. The president is elected and the president will select the rest of the executive. The president can be nominated or volunteer but they must be a veteran, not a supporter. They must have been in the unit for at least a year, and own a bike.

It was decided by National that the riders under the age of 16 would have to initially pay $55.00 for their crest. There would be no more membership dues after that until they reach 16 when they are eligible to ride and become full members.

Radar explained the position of the patches and also the difference between our Crest and the term “Colours”.

Spider passed along that there was a Memorial Hospital Ride being conducted in Carlton Place on 20 Sep, Sunday. The cost id $25.00 but this includes a meal. Registration is free if you raise 50.00 or more in pledges. A note will be posted on the unit website. Registration is as 8am-9am at Carleton Place. This was the first CAV ride of this unit and is also sponsored by the Blue Knights. Breakfast is at 830-930. You will receive the route and you return around 2pm for food.

Chevy asked if the information passed along at Kenora could be uploaded for others to read on the website. Smokey said he would look at doing that.

Chevy also passed along that the CAV Kitshop purchases can now be paid online. Chevy has put screen shots of the process on the website for clarification of its use.

Smokey said the new membership application is online and has been updated to allow the selection of the crest colour. He also suggested to the two new members to read the constitution.

Smokey announced he is the Paardeberg Army Run OPI. Drifter will distribute the information to Smokey and Smokey will ensure it is passed throughout the unit.

Lavi passed along that there is a Bikers Church Appreciation Day on 22 Aug 09.

Hammer passed along that he and Newf would be attending the Matthew Dining “Ride for Heros” in London on 22 Aug 09.

Smokey said there is a Julian Austin Concert in Petawawa to support the troops and to launch his new Song about the support of our troops.

Smokey explained the Repat process to the two new members


Radar adjourned the meeting at 7:30pm and reminded all that the next meeting will be 1st September.

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