August 12, 2008 Minutes

Paardeberg Unit, 1 CAV
August 12, 2008


Executive: Sheriff, President; Trev Luten, Road Captain; Kathy Luten Secretary; Radar, Sgt-at-Arms

Members: Smokey, Wayne, Spider, Moon, Anne, Dunks, Scotty, Hammer, Newfie, Sailor, Denise, Chevy and guests: Lorraine (Mrs. Smokey) and Ken Ross (3 CAV)

Regrets: Tom, Vice-President and Jake, Communications

Sheriff called the meeting to order at 7:15 pm


Sheriff provided an overview of the Kenora events:

a) Paardeberg had 5 riders travel to the 2nd annual Kenora Ride: Sheriff, Trev, Kathy, Smokey and Radar.

b) At the first Kenora ride the Hindenburg Line 1 CAV unit was created. Members include the Mayor, Chief of Police.

c) Hindenburg Line organized this year’s event which included Friday’s meet and greet at the Kenora Legion; Saturday morning’s flag raising at the Kenora Armories, parade lead by an OPP motorcycle officer and memorial service at the Keewatin Cenotaph followed by lunch at the Keewatin Legion; Saturday night’s pig roast dinner at the Kenora Curling Club; Sunday morning’s breakfast at the Kenora Curling Club; Sunday afternoon’s Annual CAV Executive meeting at the Best Western Lakeside Inn And Conference Centre‎ and Sunday afternoon’s ride (lead by the Chief of Police) to the Redditt Legion for a Pickerel dinner.

d) Annual CAV Executive meeting highlights: Trapper will continue as National President; CJ (Bumpsy) stepped down as National Vice President and will be replaced by Drifter; Salty (3 CAV President) was appointed National Sgt at Arms; Animal (Roger) was appointed 1 CAV President; Thumper (John Chester) was appointed President of Cambrai Unit. A new 3 CAV President and 1 CAV Road Captain will be appointed at a later date. Financial statements for the Kit shop were available; however they did not include CAV national member fees. Members of the national executive are still working on making all the financial activities transparent to members.


Sheriff noted that Paardeberg is responsible for this ride and that Trevor will cover the details for this ride in his Road Captain’s report


Sheriff reported that the first Army Run will be September 21, 2008 and noted that the members of the CAV will act as a Vanguard for the Arm Run and will parade by twos immediately following the Pace Car. The CAV has been recognized for its willingness to support the military community. Sheriff noted that members of the CAV will have competing activities but encouraged as many members as possible to come out and support this event. General event details may be viewed at the Army Run Website: and registration for the ARMY RUN is also on the Running Room website:

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Unit members interested in coordinating the unit effort and those who would like to participate are asked to inform the Vice President and/or the Sergeant at Arms by end August.


Radar reported:

a) Changes to unit name tags: Unit name tags will be on green backgrounds once the black stock has been depleted

b) National pays for Unit Executive name tags for: President, Sgt-at-Arms, Road Captain and Assistant Road Captain

c) The Unit dues cover the costs for any other Executive name tags: Secretary and Vice President, etc.

d) The CAV Kit Shop will only stock Red CAV t-shirts following once current green stock has been depleted. Special orders may be place at an additional cost. Please contact the Sgt-at-Arms to place orders

e) Members were asked to review the CAV constitution which may be downloaded from the CAV website at

f) All members were reminded to forward any changes in their emails to the Sgt-at-Arms so that the membership listserve can be kept up-to-date

g) Year-Bars will be presented at the end of the meeting

h) Finances: Sheriff reminded member that this money belongs to the Unit and will be spend as the Unit decides. In the past these monies have been used to offset the Unit Christmas Party and any badges or patches that are not covered by National.

i) VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Members were asked to volunteer to organize the Unit’s 2008 Christmas party – it is hoped that two or more members would volunteer to plan the party. Please contact the Sgt-at-Arms or Sheriff if you wish to volunteer.


Trev provided an overview of rides that have occurred since the July meeting:

a) July 19 Ride to the USA: 6 bikes met to take this ride. Unfortunately one rider had a flat tire, but unit members rallied to get Wayne back on the road and enabled him to get his bike to a shop for servicing.

b) July 27th: Cambrai Unit held a fundraiser for the Rideau Perley Veterns Home. Some Paardeberg members participated in this fundraiser.

c) July 29 – Aug 6 Ride to Kenora covered in other reports.
One rider needed assistance, he had difficulties with his bike, but parts were picked up in Winnipeg and the local Honda dealer had him on the road by Saturday morning and he was able to ride hope with the group.

It was noted that the poem written by our own Denis Davidson was recited as part of the dedication of the Keewatin plaque listing their residents lost in war and peace keeping

d) August 9th National Peacekeepers’ Day two Paardeberg members attended as representatives of other associations they belong to. 4 CAV members from Vimy Unit in Kingston rode in from Kingston to attend and parade as The CAV. With the passing of Bill C-287 on June 18, 2008, National Peacekeepers' Day has become an official day in Canada. Every year on August 9, past and present Canadian peacekeepers will be honoured through events and activities across Canada. 9 August was chosen because on that date in 1974 the greatest single loss of Canadian lives on a peacekeeping mission occurred. Nine Canadian peacekeepers serving with the United Nations Emergency Force in Egypt and Israel were flying in a Canadian Forces "Buffalo" transport aircraft on UN service which was shot down by Syrian air defense missiles while preparing to land at Damascus, Syria on a regular resupply mission. There were no survivors.

e) Pick up Rides – Trevor reported that he was pleased to see other unit members had started inviting members to meet them at Horton on Hawthorne or other locations to go for a ride. Remember any unit member can organize a ride.

f) 23 August Ride to Kingston – The next organized unit ride will be to Kingston on August 23rd. Complete details as to meeting place and timings will be circulated to all riders prior to August 23rd. See you there

5. CAV Webmaster Report

Smokey reported that there had been some difficulties with the forum, but it was up and running now. He encouraged Unit members to sign up and join the forum. All forum participants will be verified by unit Sgt-at-Arms prior to be given their passwords.

Repatriation for the two latest soldiers returning from Afghanistan will be on Wednesday August 13th. Members who want to participate should meet others at the Tim Horton store on RCFA road in Trenton by 3:00 pm Members will ride as a group to the repatriation at 3:30 pm.


Presentations were made:
Name Tag was presented to Dunks
Winged wheels were presented to Hammer and Newfie

Year bars are available to members immediately following their yearly anniversary. Year bars were presented to members in attendance.


Locking Pin Backs - Sailor made locking pin backs available to members. If you want locking pin back please contact Sailor.

Trev won the prize tonight.


Sheriff adjourned the meeting at 8:15 pm

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