August 4th Meeting Notes

Our August 3rd meeting was cancelled on short notice due to pending thunderstorms, however a few brave souls who didn't get the message did ride to the Hawthorne Rd Tim's. Hammer and Newf went to the Timmies just in case and met with these brave folks.

The meeting was rescheduled for Wednesday August 4th.

Gepetto lead a discussion of past unit activities and proposed unit activities:

Past activities update:

  • members have been encouraged to spend this summer riding
  • unit has posted numerous activities for members to choose to participate in
  • a few members rode up to New Liskeard for their awesome "Bikers Reunion", which was a blast again this year
  • about 15 members attended the unit BBQ at Bgruffs - Thanks Bev and Bgruff for your great hospitality

Paardeberg designated unit activities:

  • a ride to Prince Edward County and Sandbanks August 21-22nd - reservations to be made for the Yukon Lodge
  • Septemeber 11th the Veterans Memorial Highway Ride - hosted by Cambrai unit
  • Hammer, Road Captain sent out an email listing upcoming activities which have been added to the unit event calendar
  • September's meeting will be back at the Blackburn Arms on September 14th - map and address on 'Our meetings' page
  • Mark your calendars for the 2nd unit BBQ at Bgruffs on September 25th
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