August 5 2014

Minutes Paardeberg Unit, 1 CAV
August 5, 2014

In attendance:

Executive: Mapper, President; Jacks, Vice-President;

Members: Mapper, Watchdog, Smiley, Sue Godden, Barbie, Jacks

Regrets: Trev, Newf, Kathy, Secretary and Hammer, Road Captain

1. President’s Opening Remarks
At 7:15 pm, Mapper, President welcomed everyone.

2. Vice-President's Remarks
No report

3. Sergeant-at-Arms Remarks
No report

4. Webmaster Report
No report

5. Road Captain Report
No report

6. Open Discussion
Discussed ride calendar and 1 CAV financial report. Agreed that we would do an indepth questions to CAV HQ re: the snapshot

Received invites for two more events:

  • Aug 10 Sicily BBQ invite at Cardinal Park…will RSVP with 6-10 attending
  • Aug 23-24 1 CAV Gathering - Gary will email the Unit requesting attendance responses
  • Aug 20 TENTATIVE BBQ at retirement home in Bells Cornors (arranged by Susan) but waiting for response froM the on site co-ordinator
  • Aug 21-23 Into No Mans Land walk…waiting for itinerary: where, when and what we can do to help out

5.Closing Remarks
Mapper thanked everyone for coming out to the meeting.

a) Adjournment
Mapper adjourned the meeting at 7:50 pm

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