1st C.A.V. Membership Form 1 April 2014



This Guide governs the way New Applications and Annual Membership Renewals/Transfers within The CAV are to be processed and is a Guide only and must be used in conjunction with the Membership Section of the CAV Constitution. Unit Presidents or designates are to contact Formation Membership Coordinators for any / all clarifications.


The CAV Membership Year is 1 November to 31 October.

The New Membership Fee is $65 and the Annual Renewal Fee is $35. These Fees can be submitted to the Formation Membership Coordinators by Cheque / Bank Draft made payable to ‘CAV HQ’ or by Interac E Transfer.

When a New Membership is submitted between 1 November and 31 October, the fee is $65 and that Member will be expected to renew for their next year by the renewal deadlines of that year. Unit Presidents or designates should be informing New Memberships wishing to join between 1 Aug – 31 Oct that they will be expected to renew for their next year by the renewal deadlines of that year or that they have the option of waiting for the upcoming Renewal timeframe and submitting their New Membership at that time.


Our CAV Membership Application has been revised to an Annual Form and will reflect the Current Membership Year on the Form. The Application for subsequent years will be issued and available through Formation Membership Coordinators on the 1 Aug each year.

NOTE – Application Forms are available through Formation Membership Coordinators ONLY and will not be available as a downloadable form on CAV Websites.


The Application MUST BE filled out legibly & completely as follows or they will be returned to Units, causing a delay of the Application.

PART A - MUST be filled out for New Memberships, Renewals and Transfers.

PART B - MUST be filled out for New Memberships and Transfers.

Units are advised to make a copy of the application for their files. The ORIGINAL is to be sent by snail mail or emailed to their respective Formation Membership Coordinators. Once the application is received and approved, the joining package will be sent to the appropriate Unit President or designate.


The deadline for all Annual Membership Renewals is 1 November annually. This is the NLT: NO LATER THAN deadline for all Formation Membership Coordinators to have their Renewals in to National.

With that foremost in mind, Unit Presidents or designates should set their annual renewal deadline to meet the Formation Deadline set by their Formation Membership Coordinator.

For example – Units can set a deadline of 1 October annually. Collection of Renewals by 1 October ensures that Unit Presidents or designates can have everything off to Formation NLT 15 October meeting the 1 November deadline.


Late renewals will ONLY be entertained upon notification from Unit Presidents or designates that a specific Unit Member will be late with their renewal along with a justifiable reason, in writing either by letter or email to the Formation President for approval. The Formation President, if in agreement with the reasoning, will present all to National approval.

Any/All Unit renewals not received by 1 November with justification and approval from Unit, Formation & National will result in that Unit Member being considered as a non-renewal. If that Unit Member wishes to renew after the deadline date, it will be processed as a NEW Membership and the $65 fee will apply.


Year bars denote the amount of time a Unit Member has been a part of The CAV. Silver for individual years and Gold after 5 year increments. Any Member joining between 1 November and 31 October is considered to be a Member for that year and will be issued a year bar with their Joining Package. Subsequent year bars are then issued each year upon renewal of CAV Membership.

Year pins are also issued with the Joining Package and then issued each year upon renewal of CAV Membership.


A Member can transfer between Formations if their permanent residence will be in the area of which they are requesting the transfer to.

The process for this is that the Member is to inform their current Unit President by means of filling out a Membership Application, indicating on the Application that it is a Transfer.

The Unit President of the 'losing' Unit will then forward the Membership Application onto their Formation Membership Coordinator. The 'losing' Formation Membership Coordinator will then contact the 'gaining' Formation Membership Coordinator of the Transfer to coordinate all the administrative correspondence on the transferring Member.

The 'gaining' Formation Membership Coordinator will then establish contact with the transferring Member to assist in locating a 'gaining' Unit within their Formation for the Member.

Once located with their 'gaining' Unit, another Membership Application must be filled out, indicating on the Application that it is a Transfer and submitted through the 'gaining' Unit President or desigante to the 'gaining' Formation Membership Coordinator with an E Transfer, Cheque or Money Order for $35.00 to cover the cost of the 'New' Formation Back Crest & Unit Tag. The 'gaining' Formation Membership Coordinator will then issue the 'New' Formation Back Crest and Unit Tag to the Member through their 'gaining' Unit President. Once the 'New' Formation Back Crest and Unit Tag have been received by the Member, the Member's 'Old' Formation Back Crest must be returned to the 'gaining' Formation Membership Coordinator, who will then ensure it is shipped back to the 'losing' Formation Membership Coordinator.

Note - Now the question or concern that has been raised on occasion is "Why do Transferring Members have to purchase a New Crest when they have already paid for their Initial Crest ?"

Answer is that "Yes, they have paid for the Initial Crest however, this is the same as when we turn in a Crest due to excessive wear or damage, the New Crest has to be purchased, as we do not have an unlimited source of these Crests."

Formation Membership Coordinators do have a limited Stock of 'Gently Used' Crests in their Cresting Inventories. These are available to them as an option should they want to do a 1 for 1 exchange eliminating the $35 Fee. Keeping in mind that this is ONLY an option provided that there is a 'Gently Used' Crest available in the correct Colour & Veteran or Veteran Supporter designation available.


Each Formation Membership Coordinator maintains their Formation spreadsheet based upon the information provided on the Membership Applications/Renewals. This provides the Formation Membership Coordinator with all the contact information for each Unit and its members including Original Join Dates, updated email addresses, and paid Membership years as well as Unit Elections. Updated copies of the spreadsheets of their respective Units will be sent to each Unit. It is the UNIT responsibility to ensure that the Formation Membership Coordinator has the most Current Unit information. This allows an easy transition with regards to the passage of membership information between the Formation and its Units.


Yearly membership in Paardeberg Unit is $10.00

Click on this picture to open and download or print off the 1st CAV Membership form.

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