2016 CAV Merchandise

CAV Supply & Services Order - Spring 2016.

3. PHOTOS of CAV SUPPLY & SERVICES SHIRTS CAV%20Supply%20%26%20Services%20Pics%20-%201.jpg
4. PHOTOS of CAV SUPPLY & SERVICES ITEMS CAV%20Supply%20%26%20Services%20Pics%20-%202.jpg
5. CAV SUPPLY & SERVICES SIZING CHART CAV%20Supply%20and%20Services%20Sizing%20Chart.pdf

If you wish a copy of the order form in Microsoft Word please email the Sgt-at-Arms or Secretary.

Formations / Units will now Order & Communicate directly through CAV Supply & Services at moc.liamg|secivresylppusvac#moc.liamg|secivresylppusvac

We have implemented this in order to simplify the process by eliminating Orders being submitted through the 3 Respective Formation Mbshp Coords to CAV Supply & Services.

As per direction on the CAV SUPPLY & SERVICES ORDERING PROCESS FORM ….. please fill out the CAV SUPPLY & SERVICES ORDER FORM correctly !!

If you have questions ….. do not hesitate to ASK.

The DEADLINE DATE to have CAV Supply & Services Orders Complete w/ Payments will be strictly adhered to. Orders received after the Deadline Date will be returned to the Unit and they will have to wait until the next Order Process.

One of the most glaring 'glitches' during the first Order Process was that we did not strictly adhere to the Deadline Date and as a result it delayed our Bulk Orders being submitted to our Suppliers quite significantly. Ultimately, as all can appreciate this was definitely unfair to those Units that adhered to the Deadline Date and had their Orders w/ Payments submitted on time.

The DEADLINE DATE for you to have your CAV SUPPLY & SERVICES ORDER - Spring 2016 complete w/ Payment into CAV SUPPLY & SERVICES is

1 APRIL 2016

Having all Orders in by the Deadline Date will allow us to have our Bulk Orders away to our Suppliers and subsequently will strive to have Units Orders out by the 1st part of May. This New Process will work when we all work together as a Team !!

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