1. Effective internal and external communication is important to any organization and the Paardeberg Unit is no different. However, without guidelines to guide members, it is possible that inappropriate/incorrect information may be spread inappropriately, thereby damaging the unit and unnecessarily creating conflict among members and the unit.

2. The purpose of this by-law is to provide basic guidance to members for internal and external communications to ensure a positive and constructive flow is maintained.


3. Executive Officers routinely communicate with their counterparts at 1 CAV HQ and other units related to their unit duties. Additionally, Executive Officers are authorized to communicate with entities external to The C.A.V. in the performance of their duties.

4. The President/Vice-President is the conduit for information flow between National/1 C.A.V. HQ and the unit executive/members. Additionally, the President or the Vice-President in his absence will authorize the external communication/publication of unit policy/operational issues.

5. The Sergeant-at-Arms is authorized direct communication with 1 C.A.V. and as may be required with National staff (i.e. Kit shop) related to membership, flags, crests, badges and kit shop issues.

6. The Road Captain may communicate with any C.A.V. Road Captain and non-C.A.V. entities related to ride planning and coordination.

7. The unit Webmaster may communicate with non-C.A.V. entities related to website maintenance/administration, and is authorized to post routine historical articles, general interest items, unit schedules and minutes of meetings on the unit website. Policy and operational issues are approved by the President prior to posting.


8. In the past we and other C.A.V. Units have seen destructive disinformation stemming from C.A.V. members seeking to further their own agendas by circulating untrue/partly true rumours. In some instances these communications appear to have been given some perception of credibility by C.A.V. members external to the unit, who also only received part of the facts and commented without consulting the unit executive. Essentially good intentions by external members can unbeknown to them give a semblance of credibility to disinformation.

9. The unit Executive has an open door policy and is always available to address issues of concern to the membership. Accordingly, to avoid miscommunication/disinformation unit, members are to seek guidance and clarification on C.A.V. and unit operations and policy matters only from the unit Executive. This is not intended to muffle members but is necessary to ensure only factual and accurate responses are provided, thereby, avoiding potential miscommunication.

10. Notwithstanding the above, members may engage in personal communication with any member of The C.A.V. if desired. Similarly, members are free to engage in forum discussion consistent with the established rules of The C.A.V. forum. The only limitations on external to unit communication are:

· communications by members related to unit operations and policy will only be addressed by unit Executive;
· members are free to communicate with the general public about The C.A.V.'s philosophy/other subjects that are readily available in the constitution and how one goes about joining; and
· only the Executive, with the concurrence of the President will make an official public release.


11. Members of The C.A.V. Old Guard may use the Old Guard forum on the National website and are free to communicate among each other on C.A.V. matters.

12. Members of the Old Guard may from time to time be requested by the Old Guard or a higher C.A.V. HQ to offer an opinion or conduct an enquiry. When so requested, they may perform their duties without reference to the unit Executive.

13. The members of the Old Guard are a value resource to The C.A.V. Members who, for what ever reason, are uncomfortable raising an issue with the Executive, may consult a member of the Old Guard for advice.

Approved by Membership: 7 April 2009

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