The first official ride for Paardeberg took place today under cloudy skies and not too warm temperatures down to Prescott to make an important presentation. Units from Kingston, Ottawa and area showed up (please forgive me if I missed anyone) plus National as well. I didn't do a count but would estimate about 25 bikes.

The ride was done to say thank you to Dakota, a little sweetheart with all of 5 years under her belt, she is the young girl that attends repats in Trenton and shows remarkable support for our troops. This in spite of having a bad valve in the heart and having a heart operation just one day after attending a repat. She insisted on going to the repat despite having to go into the hospital in Toronto the next day. She has shown that she has the "strength and honor" that is part of the CAV philosophy.

It was decided to make her an honorary member of the Paardeberg unit and CAV in order to recognize this commitment she continues to show. While in Prescott, we did the presentation of the plaque and gave her numerous mementos and other items that were affiliated with the CAV, we also managed to sign a Canadian Flag that Dakota will send to Afghanistan to show the troops that, yes, we do care. All this from a small 5 year old girl that shows more strength and honor than a lot of adults I have met.

We had a group picture taken and then had some lunch at Picollo's restaurant in Prescott, the wife of the owner was very nice and even baked us some pastries to enjoy. We also gave some toys to Dakota's young brothers as we did not want them to feel left out.

Radar had brought an extra helmet along and took Dakota for a spin around the block, twice in fact, as she was really looking forward to a ride. When she is able to reach the passenger pegs on mine I will take her for a ride on that, but she enjoyed the trike a lot, I think radar still has the finger marks in his vest as she was holding on pretty tight

The different groups departed shortly after 1pm just as it started to rain a bit, but the joy of the day wasn't disturbed at all by the little bit of rain we had.

I look forward to seeing Dakota again at the CAV motorcycle show in Kingston, I think she will be there on the Sunday for anyone that wishes to meet this remarkable little girl. I think this is one day I will remember for a long time.

Thanks to all for coming out. Saturday April 18 2009

Some pictures


Dakota enjoying the day…


Heather Drifter Shadow & Chantal…


Alicat & Dunk just taking it all in….


Doug & Spider waiting for the Hamburgers…


Kathy Anna & Doug


Moon waiting fot the music to start..


Kathy Hogwild & Trev enjoying the day…


Padre Don & Hangover Fred






Wayne & Lavi


Newf Hammer & Spider


Trapper Mark & Dakota


Radar & The Wing

more pictures to come in the next couple of days….

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