Minutes December 1 2009 Meeting

Paardeberg Unit, 1 CAV
December 1, 2009


Executive: Smokey, President; Chevy, Vice President; Lavi, Sgt-at-Arms/Deputy Road Captain; and Kathy, Secretary

Members: Spider, Unit Webmaster/Assistant Road Captain; Newf; Lloyd; Radar; Mel; Witch; François; Mireille; Mapper; Jake and Trevor

Lavi called the meeting to order at 7:07pm with a moment of silence, followed by:

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years contemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them, we will remember them.

Smokey welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked members to introduce themselves

a) Moved by Mapper, Seconded by Mireille that the Agenda be adopted. CARRIED

b) Moved by Mel, Seconded by Radar that the Minutes of the November 3rd meeting be adopted. CARRIED

c) Business Arising:
i) CAV dues: Smokey reported that he created a single unit contract that members will be asked to sign as they pay their dues
ii) Toronto Bike Show: the bus has been cancelled as there weren’t enough people signed up in time to make it cost effective. Watch your emails for information on upcoming bike shows. I.e. Montreal in mid February.
iii) Christmas Party: reminder that you need to sign up asap. Cost is $10 per member and $10 for first guest, 2nd guest is $18 for all other guests. Members were asked for donations or to collect donations from area businesses for door prizes. Please bring non perishable food items for the Gloucester Food Bank. Everyone who brings a gift, wrapped will be in the Chinese gift exchange. Names will be drawn and you may take a gift or steal a gift, but you can only steal once and you cannot steal the present stolen from you back. Dress is casual and vests may be worn. Chevy agreed to check into Operation Red Nose for the evening.

a) Governance: a meeting is being scheduled with the National President to put forward proposed processes for more effective operation of the organization highlighting on communicating concerns, changes to dues, voting processes, and agenda items for the Spring National meeting.

b) Unit Welfare: if you hear of a member in the hospital, or a family death, need a ride to meetings, issues with paying dues etc… please contact the Vice-President or any other member of the Executive. All conversations will be kept confidential.

c) Flowers for condolences will be restricted to immediate family using the Silver Cross patch guidelines and be kept under $50.00. Cards will be send for extended family. Remember to advise a member of the Executive should you hear of deaths or sicknesses in unit member’s families.

d) Website Update: Spider reported pictures are up on the website. He reminded members to send in their photos and stories. Spider also reported that he and Sailor rode down to November’s Friday the Thirteenth in Port Dover. It was a little chilly Friday morning when they woke up in Branford. They had to scrape the frost off their windshields! It warmed up after breakfast and they had a great time in Port Dover. On their return trip they stopped in Madoc for coffee at Tim’s and met Sheriff and his wife.

a) Financial report: unit funds are currently $520.47. Changes since last month are related to revenues from the monthly draws and expenses for flowers. Last months expenses were for plaques for outgoing members.

b) The Sargeant at Arms encouraged members to attend as many meetings as they are able to through out the winter. Meetings are an opportunity to socialize and make recommendations to the Executive for the following riding season. An audit of unit inventory and finances will be conducted and posted on the unit website.

c) Members of the “Old Guard” are available for unit members to talk privately and to provide guidance when asked as well as listen and be a sounding board. Paardeberg Old Guard members are: Smokey, Bgruff and Trev.

Lavi thanked Trevor for helping him with his first Road Captain Report. He reviewed the schedule of events that the unit was involved in over the past month:
November 5th – Smokey and Popeye from the Cambrai Unit manned a booth at the Billings Bridge Plaza for their Remembrance Veterans appreciation day. They promoted The C.A.V. and attended the remembrance service.

November 8th - a number of members attended the Rockland Legion’s Remembrance Day service and enjoyed the fellowship of the Legion following the service.

November 13th – Spider and Sailor from Cambrai Unit rode down to Port Dover and had a great time.

November 25th – Smokey, Lavi, Trev and Kathy attended Jake’s Mom’s funeral and burial. Sympathies were extended from the unit.

Lavi reported on the upcoming events:
Saturdays until April – Members were reminded that the Orleans Legion serves a great breakfast on Saturdays throughout the winter for $6.00 from 8:30 to 11:00 am. A number of members attend this breakfast on a regular basis.

January 23rd – veterans are admitted free to the Diefenbunker Museum until February. It was agreed we would make arrangements to go as a group on January 23rd. We will have a meeting point in the east end and in the west end so people can car pool or drive as group out to Carp for the tour.

Kathy reported that there was no new business to discuss.

There were no presentations to be made this evening.

The evenings draw was won by Mireille


Smokey adjourned the meeting at 8:05pm.

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