December 7 2010 Meeting Minutes

Paardeberg Unit, 1 CAV
December 7, 2010

In attendance:

Executive: Gepetto, President; Trev, Vice-President; Jay, Sgt-at-Arms; Kathy, Secretary; Lucky, Events Coordinator; and Newf, Assistant Admin

Members: Anne, Big Al, Cathy, Fran, Flatfoot, Mapper, Mel, Witch, and Brian
Regrets: Hammer, Road Captain; Spider, Webmaster/Assistant Road Captain

Guests: Glenn

1. President’s Opening Remarks

a) Welcome and introductions
Gepetto welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced Glenn.

Gepetto was pleased that Paardeberg members stepped up and responded with donations to Apache Blue and her family in North Bay who lost everything in a fire recently.

He reminded members that they need to sign The CAV contract annually as a reconfirmation of their commitment to The CAV.

2. President’s Discussion Issues

a) Business Arising
Christmas Party to be discussed later by Lucky our Events Coordinator

3. Vice- President’s discussion issues

Trev reported that he was please that a number of members were able to gather up items for the 3 families who were burnt out in North Bay area. He and Kathy took a truck load of items down to Drifter, who was taking a cube van to various units collecting items to drop off in North Bay. He thanked Anne, Fran, and Kitbag for their donations. Watchdog was going to check with Drifter to see what else was needed as he could take another truck load up from here. Drifter sent a note out that there was a fundraising dinner/dance in North Bay to help the families out and he is very proud of The CAV family and how they have stepped up.

Trev noted that there is a Motorcycle show in Toronto at the Metro Convention Centre Dec 10, 11, & 12. He and Kathy will be attending.

a) Website
Spider sent his regrets. You will notice that the ads have been removed from our site now that it has been paid for.

b) Event Coordinator
Lucky reported that everything has been confirmed for the Christmas Party at the Kanata Legion on December 13th. Members who haven’t paid may pay and pick up their tickets after the meeting. Gepetto encouraged members to wear their CAV vests to the Christmas party. There will be a “Chinese Auction” again this year. Members who wish to participate are encouraged to bring wrapped gift (something new or nearly new, that they have at home that they are not using anymore but is in good condition: I.e., bike parts, Christmas ornaments/decorations, homemade wine, etc…)

Lucky asked members if they were interested in a night out at a pool hall in January as a social event. Members in attendance agreed to go out as a group on January 19th. Beth will make the arrangements and circulate the details to members via email.

4. Sergeant-at-Arms

a) Finance report
Jay reported that the unit funds $482.92 and that $200 of the $300 allocated to the Christmas Party was paid to the caterers.

b) Membership
Jay recapped current membership: 29 members plus 1 honourary member and 1 youth member. He reminded members that he has used CAV crests available at the cost of $30 should a member want a second crest.

5. Road Captain Report

Hammer sent his regrets.

6. Other Business

  • Radar has a helmet with a stenciled CAV crest on it. If anyone is interested Kathy can email them the photos and Radar’s contact information.
  • CVFR has “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother” crests available through their kitshop at Joe Drouin Enterprise
  • Big Al mentioned that he knows of a great place to stay in Barbados for $48.00 US per night if anyone is interested.
  • Trevor mentioned that members who wish can join him and Kathy at the Orleans Legion for Saturday morning Breakfast. They are usually there about 9 am until 10:30 – 11:00.

7. Presentations

  • Gepetto presented Big Al with his CAV crest and Paardeberg Unit tag
  • Gepetto presented Greg with his CAV crest and Paardeberg unit tag

7. President’s Closing Remarks

a) Adjournment
Gepetto adjourned the meeting at 7:40 pm inviting people to stick around and chat.

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