Dress Discipline And Awards




1. There are few dress rules within The C.A.V. but for standardization and to avoid any confusion as to the nature of the organization, the Constitution requires that:

· members attach their large C.A.V. crest to the back of a black leather vest. A cut-off jean jacket is not acceptable;
· there shall be no other cresting attached to the back centre panel of the vest. If desired, other crests or badges may be attached to the side panels;
· as The C.A.V. remains organizationally and politically neutral, there shall be no badges or crests attached to the vest that violates this principle of neutrality or is otherwise inappropriate for viewing by mixed audiences including children; and
· the vest may be worn almost anywhere but it is not to be worn in a place or in a manner that may bring discredit to the organization.

2. There is no standard within The C.A.V. for positioning other badges and crests on the vest and you will observe a wide variance across units and individuals. However, the Paardeberg unit has establish standard positioning of selected crests and ask members to respect this protocol; existing C.A.V. members transferring in from other units are not obliged to change the positioning of badges on their existing vest. New members and existing members putting together a new vest are expected to respect the unit standard which is pictured below.



3. The C.A.V. constitution explains the process for disciplinary dismissals and should be refereed to for additional information. This process is not taken lightly and any members who exhibit inappropriate behaviour will be informed, normally by the Sergeant-at-Arms and given an opportunity to rectify the issues on their own. However, should the problem continue, the President may initiate dismissal action.

4. All members should familiarize themselves with the conflict resolution guidance and membership dismissal information stated in the Constitution.


5. The C.A.V. Rider Proficiency Winged Wheel Crest: This crest showing a member’s high riding standard is awarded by the Road Captain in accordance with The C.A.V. Ride Manual.

6. Unit Rider of the Year: First awarded in 2008, this plaque seeks to recognize a unit member who has demonstrated excellence as a member of The C.A.V. throughout the year. The Vice-President coordinates the selection and presentation of the award.

· the recipient is selected by majority vote of the unit executive in November each year and is awarded by the President at the annual Christmas Party. The selection criteria is somewhat subjective but considers members':

◦ attendance and contribution at unit meetings and events;
◦ supporting and assisting other members of the unit, The C.A.V. and/or the general public; and
◦ overall contribution to unit operations and management;

· the identity of the selected recipient is not communicated to anyone in advance of the award date. The award will be presented in absentia if the recipient cannot attend the Christmas party; and

· as the governing body, serving members of the unit executive are not eligible to receive the award.

7. Charter Rider: A crest that is sewn on the vest that signifies a person was a founding member of a unit in the first year of operation.

8. Old Guard: The Old Guard is a specific appointment approved by National HQ. Persons appointed to the Old Guard are identified on and accessible through the National website bio page. The constitution explains: The Old Guard are those, that due to their life experience and personality, provide a bridge between all generations of veterans, citizens and riders. These members may be awarded this cresting at unit or nationally during a ride, at a meeting, or any public forum, presenting proof of our recognition of their energy and status as those that have “been there, done that”. The OLD GUARD is an advisory group to the National Executive on any issue.


9. The C.A.V. awards should not be presented indiscriminately or the intrinsic value of such awards is diminished. Within the Paardeberg Unit, any member may recommend that the unit present an award to a deserving individual or organization. Nominations with supporting information will be communicated to the unit Vice-President who will present the matter to the unit executive for consideration. Award recommendations that are supported by the unit executive will be presented to the unit membership for a decision vote at the next general meeting. A plaque will be prepared and an appropriate presentation forum will be arranged if the award is supported by the attending members.

10. Non-member awards specified in the Constitution include:

· CAV Citizenship Award: May be presented to recognize an individual who has lived their life by strength and honour;

· CAV Hometown Heroes: May be presented to those veterans in our community that have served, and continue to serve;

· CAV Community Service Award: May be presented to deserving citizens (or organizations) for excellence in serving their community; and

· CAV Honour Plaques: May be presented to individuals (or organizations) by a unit to recognize someone who has gone out of their way and deserves recognition.

11. Questions about non-member awards should be revered to the Vice-President.

Approved by Membership: 7 April 2009

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