Minutes February 2 2010 Meeting

Paardeberg Unit, 1 CAV
February 2, 2010

Executive: Smokey, President; Chevy, Vice President; Lavi, Sgt-at-Arms/Deputy Road Captain; Spider, Webmaster and Kathy, Secretary

Members: Hammer; Newf; Moon; Anne; Trev; Wayne; Alicat; Budda; Denny

Guests: Jamie

Lavi, Sergeant at Arms called the meeting to order at 7:07 pm and requested a minute of silience for:

Canaian Force Members:
Sergeant John Faught
Private Garrett Chidley
Corporal Zachery McCormack
Sergeant George Miok
Sergeant Kirk Taylor
Lieutenant Andrew Nuttall

Michelle Lang

RCMP members:
Supt. Doug Coates
Sgt. Mark Gallagher

The minute of silience was followed by:

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years contemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them, we will remember them.

Smokey welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked members to introduce themselves

a) Moved by Moon, Seconded by Hammer that the Agenda be adopted CARRIED
b) Moved by Wayne, Seconded by Budda that the Minutes of the December 1, 2009 meeting be adopted. CARRIED
c) Business Arising:

a) National:Items to be raised at the 1 CAV President’s meeting are:
i. Dues - National requires by-laws which set the membership year for paying dues
ii. Supporter Voting – currently The CAV constitution states that Veterans Supporters do not have the right to vote respectively permitted by the formation president or National President
iii. Election of National President – request that The CAV institute an election process for the National President
iv. Event Insurance – request the distribution of the policy and cost breakdown be forwarded to Unit Presidents
v. CAV contract – will members be required to sign the CAV contract annual upon renewal of membership
vi. National Dues – the constitution or the addition of By-laws that set the membership year and date by which memberships are to be renewed
vii. Voting mechanism – there is a need to set up a voting mechanism (preferably online) which would allow all formation, unit presidents or members the ability to vote on issues of national stature.

If you have additional questions you wish raised at the 1 CAV Formation Presidents meeting please forward your question to Smokey prior to February 23 for inclusion in the unit discussion points. Discussion points will be circulated to members following this meeting.

b) Welfare Officer - announced Spider has recuperated from his surgery enough to be here at the meeting. Remember if a member is in need of assistance please counsel them to contact the Welfare Officer.

c) Website – Spider reported that he made some structural changes to the website i.e., added the year 2010 to the Photos of events section on the top navigation bar and will add a link to this section on the left navigation bar.

d) Unit By-Law Update (see Attachment A) The discussion and motion to make this amendment will be made at the next meeting on March 2, 2010.

a) Financial report: unit funds are currently $474.97
b) Membership: currently have 24 paid members

5. ROAD CAPTAIN REPORT – (Assistant Road Captain reported)
Lavi lead a discussion regarding Unit rides for 2010. Members agreed to have unit rides that all members are encouraged to attend. Currently being considered are:
1 – our Annual Shake Out Ride, a breakfast and ride;
2 – The National Memorial Ride, June 6;
3 - A Unit BBQ & Ride (possibly June 26th);
4 – Veterans Memorial Ride and
5 – A Fall Chase the Leaves Ride.
There is numerous charity rides that members may choose to participate in. Spider will post these to the calendar on the Unit website. Some are but not limited to:

May 1 & 2Vimy Unit Bike Show in Kingston
June 6The National Memorial Ride
June 19The John Flagg Memorial Ride 2010
July 2 to 4The Bikers Reunion, New Liskeard
June 12 to 20Laconia Motorcycle Week, Laconia NH

If you are interested in having members join you for an impromptu ride send a message out to the whole unit or if you have suggestions for a unit ride please let Lavi or Spider know.

a) Correspondence: Kathy reviewed emails that were circulated to members:
i) Run with the Pack – patch, if you want one please order through Jim Buffet
ii) March 7 – Sugar Bush Social – invite from Cambrai Unit – contact: moc.liamtoh|reicrebtan#moc.liamtoh|reicrebtan by Feb 18th to ensure a seat
iii) Sonshine Foundation Fundraiser – Scrabble tournament - To register please call Rita at 613-850-4117(cell) or 613-271-0713(home). Leave a number and she will call back.
iv) MFRC annual "Face Off for the Forces" fundraiser, Saturday, February 13 the Bulls will host the Niagara Ice Dogs at the Yardmen Arena.
v) Nathan’s Ride for Hope – invitation to assist Cambrai, President set up a charity ride to raise funds for Muscular Dystrophy, if you are able to assist in any way contact Popeye at moc.liamtoh|orotsvj#moc.liamtoh|orotsvj

b) General Discussion:
i) February 20 – Petrie Island Ice Fishing with Lavi – please contact Lavi by email moc.liamtoh|ivalkcir#moc.liamtoh|ivalkcir
ii) Chevy brought in copies of Motorcycle News for members to read. They are always looking for articles or activities to put in their magazine.
iii) Ride for Dad – Blocker Assistant Coordinator Rowland Riglin has asked for information on past blockers who did not receive patches and pins. He will attend one of our meetings.
iv) Red Run, the first Friday in June – Budda agreed to contact someone at NDHQ to find out who is coordinating the blockers. A number of CAV members participated the last two years as blocker for this event.
v) TV set - Smokey has a TV he would like to donate to the Rideau Perley Veterans Home on behalf of Paardeberg unit.
vi) Honouring Women - Spider mentioned a Norma Walmsley who has done lots for the betterment of women around the world and suggested a ride to Chelsey to take her for a motorcycle ride to thank her for her charitable work. Norma is an outstanding woman veteran who has done lots for the betterment of women around the world. As soon as women were allowed to join, Norma was the 10th woman to join the Woman’s Division of the Canadian Air Force. Following the war she went back to school, graduating from McGill in Montreal with her BA, MA, PHD. She won the Order of Canada for co-founding Match International. MATCH International is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of women and children around the world. Every dollar donated to Match in Canada is match by the Canadian Government.

Presentations were made:
Smokey presented year bars to Spider, Kathy and Moon.

The evenings draw was won by Alicat.

Smokey adjourned the meeting at 7:50 pm.

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