Financial Management




The Paardeberg Unit maintains a small unit fund on behalf of the membership to pay for daily operating expenses such as correspondence fees, name/appointment tags, website (Unit Dues) and (50/50 funds) to provide a funding base to support special awards, initiatives or events as may be approved by the Executive and/or the unit membership. Unit dues will be accounted separately from 50/50 and other funds received.

The unit fund is simply a central repository for unit membership dues and any additional revenue that may be generated through raffle draws to help offset the cost of unit operations. The fund is used exclusively for the benefit of the unit membership and is considered a private club fund.

For the purpose of this by-law:
Unit Property includes unit funds and any material property in the possession of the unit. This includes but it not limited to: unit colours, flags, colour/flag holders, reflective vests and any crests, patches or kit shop items owned by the unit;
Unit Fund refers to money held by the unit;
Committed funds includes those moneys which have been earmarked to pay existing unit debts such as membership fees/kit shop bills due to National HQ or those funds which have been previously approved and earmarked for expenditure; and
Non-committed funds available to the unit represents the total funds held by the unit, less those which are identified as committed funds.


The General Membership may authorize the expenditure of any amount of non-committed funds held by the unit. For amounts up to $500, this may be approved by a majority of members attending a unit meeting. Larger amounts should be referred to the entire membership, normally by email with a return date; the majority of responses that are received by the return date shall provide the decision. However, when it is in the best interest of the unit due to time limitations the decision may be rendered by majority vote at a unit meeting when the majority of attendees agree to proceed in this manner. The circumstances necessitating this action and the decision shall be reflected in the minutes of the meeting.

The President may authorize the expenditure of up to $50 for a specific item or service on behalf of the unit. The Vice-President may authorize the same amount in the event that the President is unavailable and cannot be contacted for approval prior to the funds being needed. The Vice-President shall inform the President of any such approval as soon a practicable.

The Sergeant-at-Arms has no direct spending authority except that specific to the purchase and payment of The C.A.V. vest crests and name tags for new members; and to acquire appointment tags for unit executive officers and other appointees.


The Sergeant-at-Arms will maintain sufficiently detailed records for a clear audit trail of all receipts and disbursements related to the unit fund. To maintain transparency, the Vice-President will audit the financial records annually and report the findings to the unit membership at the next general meeting.

Minor errors or omissions observed by the Vice-President should preferably be resolved at the time of the review. The President shall be immediately notified of serious discrepancies/shortages and an appropriate inquiry will be conducted by a unit member who has not been implicated.

The Sergeant-at-Arms will keep the President informed of the status of the unit fund and any anticipated problems or future requirements. Additionally, the Sergeant-at-Arms will provide a verbal financial report to the membership at each monthly meeting. This report advises the membership of the current balance, recent revenues/expenditures, committed funds and the total amount of non-committed funds available to the unit.

Approved by Membership: 7 April 2009
Revisions approved by Membership: 6 December 2017

Annex A


Date Description Cheque # Deposit Payment Balance
4 Nov 2006 Payment to C.A.V. Kitshop for 5 name and 5 appointment tags (provide specifics) 100 $ 50.00 $ 77.00
9 Nov 2006 Unit dues collected from … (list names) $70.00 $147.00
9 Nov 2006 raffle draw unit meeting 7 Nov 2006 $113.00 $260.00
9 Nov 2006 National dues collected from … (list names) $250.00 $510.00
9 Nov 2006 Kitshop sale items $17.50 $527.50
13 Nov 2006 Payment of dues to C.A.V. Kitshop (re: 9 Nov deposit) 101 $250.00 $277.50
13 Nov 2006 Payment to C.A.V. Kitshop – sale of remaining consignment stock items 102 $17.50 $260.00
13 Nov 2006 Payment to C.A.V. Kitshop for five nametags 103 $25.00 $235.00

Note: The data presented in the above table is provided as a sample and does not reflect actual financial transactions.

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