Harley For Heroes Presentation

APRIL 23, 2010

H4H-Paardeberg-2.jpg H4H-Paardeberg-1.jpg
Gepetto, Trev & Bgruff Kathy, Trev & Bgruff
H4H-Paardeberg-3.jpg H4H-Paardeberg-8.jpg
L'Frisé, Coree Unit; Hawkeye & Popey, Cambrai Unit Jean-Yves Theriault, winner (2nd from right)
H4H-Paardeberg-7.jpg H4H-Paardeberg-5.jpg
Jean-Yves Theriault, winner (2nd from left) Ontario Harley Davidson Dealers
H4H-Paardeberg-4.jpg H4H-Paardeberg-6.jpg
L'Frisé,, Gepetto, Jean-Yves, & Popeye Jean-Yves Theriault ready to ride home
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