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Paardeberg Unit By-Laws Amendments Back to the Agenda

Propose changing para 14 and 15 from:

14. A person who does not renew National dues by the first meeting in February will be viewed as having resigned from The C.A.V. and will no longer be a member. This means that all member privileges are suspended and as such member area website access will be rescinded and s/he is no longer authorized to wear The C.A.V. Vest or participate in any C.A.V. Ride or event not open to the general public.

15. A C.A.V. member who renews their National dues but does not pay their unit fees is not eligible to participate in any unit meetings, rides or other events and may be expelled from the unit. This is not normally cause for a disciplinary dismissal from the Paardeberg Unit and expelled persons may apply to another unit; however, the circumstances of the expulsion will be communicated to 1 CAV HQ and the gaining unit.


14. A person who does not renew National and Unit dues by the first meeting in February shall no longer be considered a member in good standing. As such, they are not eligible to attend CAV meetings or events. The executive will inform them of this change in status and offer a chance to correct the situation by the first meeting of the following month. Failure to pay National and Unit dues by the first meeting as determined by National provided sufficient notice is given, otherwise it will be no later than the March meeting shalll be interpreted as a desire, on the part of the member, to resign from The CAV and the Unit executive shall immediately recommend dismissal of the member as per the guidelines and procedure outlined in The CAV Constitution.


The old bylaw implies that the unit has the authority to dismiss a member from The CAV. We do not, we can only recommend. National has the final say. Also, expulsion from Paardeberg but remaining part of The CAV (without a unit) was seem to be administratively tricky and potentially undesirable from a National perspective. It is felt that the proposed bylaw is simpler, less open to interpretation and remains within our constitutional powers.

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