July 8, 2008 Minutes

Paardeberg Unit, 1 CAV
July 8, 2008


Executive: Tom, Vice President; Trev Luten, Road Captain; Kathy Luten Secretary

Members: Spider, Geppetto, Hog Wild, La Deuce, Watchdog, Dunks, Sailor, Scotty, Moon, Chevy, Ghis

Regrets: Sheriff and Radar

Tom Davies called the meeting to order at 7:11 pm

**1. ARMY RUN*

Tom mentioned that the first Army Run will be September 21, 2008. The CAV have been asked to assist the Army Run and Paardeberg Unit has the lead. Initial contact with the event coordinator has been made by Sheriff and it was suggested we may be able to assist with route management (pace setting/blocking etc); we are waiting for additional information from the national event coordinator. Apparently a former soldier has been contracted to plan/conduct the event. More details to follow. General event details may be viewed at the Army Run Website: http://armyrun.ca/en/default.aspx and registration for the ARMY RUN is also on the Running Room website: http://www.events.runningroom.com/site/?raceId=3763

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Unit members interested in coordinating the unit effort and those who would like to participate are asked to inform the Vice President and/or the Sergeant at Arms by end July.


Tom reported that Paardeberg Unit annually organizes the Ride the Ontario Veterans’ Highway. This year’s ride will be on Saturday, September 6 and unit volunteers are needed to help organize and conduct the event. He noted options for the ride are to travel down to Kingston and ride together up to the Cenotaph and then ride to a location for a group BBQ, or that each Unit ride from Kingston, Ottawa, or Winchester to the Cenotaph then a group ride to a location for a late lunch/BBQ.

URGENT - VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Anyone wishing to lead and/or assist in the planning and preparation are asked to contact the Vice President and/or the Sergeant at Arms by end July. Event planning should get underway without delay as there is only a few weeks after the Kenora trip before the ride.


Trev provided an overview of rides that have occurred since the June meeting:

a) June 7th Freedom HOG Poker Run: 7 Bikes plus passengers participated in this ride to raise money for the Children’s Wish Foundation. $2,500 was raised

b) Friday 13 June: Trev and Kathy rode down to Port Dover for Friday the 13th. They travelled to Port Dover on Thursday June 12 and travelled back on Saturday June 14. Over 30,000 bike were counted in Dover and over 150,000 people attended the Friday.

c) Bikers Reunion: 6 Paardeberg and 1 Cambrai member travelled to New Liskeard together. It was a great weekend with a little rain.

d) Wounded in Action Ride: Anzio Unit in Petawawa sponsored a ride to raise funds for the Wounded in Action Fund. They hoped for 50 bike and the actual turn out was 89 bikes. It was a great ride over 177 kms from Pembroke to Petawawa to Killaloe on to Eganville and back to Pembroke. The ride was lead at different time by the Military Police, Petawawa Police and the Pembroke Police. The Pembroke LA provided a great spaghetti supper.


Trapper, the C.A.V. Co-founder and current National President will step down this year and a new National President will be selected at Kenora.

1 CAV President, Drifter called a meeting of Unit Presidents in attendance at the WIA ride; and Trev represented Paardeberg. Drifter provided an overview of the election process and advised that he has nominated for the position; and that if he wins, he will nominate Animal to be the 1 CAV President. All voting will take place in Kenora.

Drifter mentioned that the CAV is now incorporated and will pay taxes as such there will be financial statements produced.

The total $s raised listed on the website is a total of all funds raised at events were CAV members participated (even if only one CAV member participated)


Tom made some presentations:
Watch Dog (Wayne Boone) with his CAV patches;
Spider (Bob Webb) with his name tags; and
Geppetto (past President Paardeberg) with his certificate from the 1st
Kenora Ride.
Trev presented Spider with his Winged Wheel


Tom noted that most of the Paardeberg Executive will be attending the Kenora Ride so the August meeting has been pushed back to the 2nd Tuesday of the Month August 12th

Sailor noted that he has a source for locking pin backs and he will place an order. He should have them in time for the next meeting. If members want to preorder please email/phone him directly and he will increase his order (the larger the order the better the price).


Tom adjourned the meeting at 7:35 pm

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