June 2 2015

Minutes Paardeberg Unit, 1 CAV

June 2, 2015 photos

In attendance:

Executive: Mapper, President; Hammer, Road Captain; Don, Vice President; Nets, Sgt-at-Arms and Kathy, Secretary

Members: Smiley, Big Al, Nuke, J.C., Doc, Q-t-Cat, Gepetto Dino, Sherrif, Spider, Jay, Road Runner, Watchdog, Odie and Trev

Regrets: Pebbles, Mel & Witch

7:05 pm Nets, Sgt-at-Arms called the meeting to order with a request for one minute of Silence for Cpt New and J.C.'s Mother

The silence was broken with the reciting of:

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them, We will remember them.

1. President’s Opening Remarks
Mapper, President welcomed everyone and asked everyone to introduce themselves.

2. Vice-President's Remarks
Don thanked the Unit for the support following the loss of his father. He especially thanked those members who attened his father's funeral on Friday, May 15th at Beechwood National Military Cemetery. His family was impressed noting that his Father would have loved seeing the bikes there.

3. Sergeant-at-Arms Remarks
Nets reported:

  • Current membership stands at 33 including 3 honourary members
  • Unit fund is in good stead.
  • The CAV 2015 pins and year bars are in. Nets will hand them out after the meeting is over.

4. Road Captain Report
Hammer, our Road Captain reported:

a) Past Event Updates

May 9 Ride for Disable Vets - 3 unit members participated

May 9 Wegner Point Memorial Service in Petawawa - 4 unit members participated (Trev, Dino, Pebbles and Kathy)

May 14-18 The CAV AGM - Mapper attended and will provide an overview later in the meeting

May 18 Visit to Pvt Richard Rolland Thompson's grave site and Gatineau ride. Big Al lead a ride to the cemetary followed by a short scoot up to Low, QC and back down to Ottawa for a coffee before the rain.

May 30 Motorcycle Ride for Dad Ottawa:
- BIG THANK YOU to Paardeberg Unit (the largest group of blockers this year);
- 1430 riders in spite the threat of rain
- the rain held off until almost the end of the presentations at Rideau Carleton Raceway
- Paardeberg Unit raised the 3rd largest amount by group - congrats
- Nuke was in the top 10 of individual fundraisers.
- In 2016 there will be a new route that will take riders Aviation and Space Museum to downtown Ottawa and south along the Rideau Canal to avoid all the construction along the Western Parkway for the LRT.

b)Upcoming Events
June 6 Pre-ride the 6th Annual Ride for Rescue Cats - RV with Big Al at the Timmies in Almonte at 10 am.
June 7 National Memorial Ride - RVing at the Aviation and Space Museum at 13:00 - departing for Beechwood Cemetery at 13:30 for the memorial ceremony
June 13 Bike in the Bay - at 13:00 a tribute to Buddha event schedule
June 19-21 CAV meetings in Trenton
June 27 6th Annual Ride for Rescue Cats meet for registration starts at 9am
June 28 Merrickville Show and Shine
June 26-29 Bikers Reunion New Liskeard

Hammer reminded members to BE SAFE - narrow twisty roads are fun to ride but you need to be aware and alert for many obstacles Cpl New was killed on Old Perth Road when a tractor trailer cross the centre line. Two of the 2 motorcycles were able to get out of the way, however Cpl New was killed and the occupants of a Lexus following the bikes were injured when they were hit by the tractor and rolled on their side against a guard rail. There will be a military funeral most likely in Kingston the 12, 13 or 14th for Cpl New - his wife is a civil servant at base Kingston, details will be circulated to members.

Members were reminded that Wednesday Night coffee and a ride have started - anyone who wants to is encouraged to meet at the Tim Hortons, Address: 3224 Hawthorne Road, Ottawa, ON K1G 3W9 Phone:(613) 733-1555

5. President Report
Mapper our President provided an overview of the CAV meetings in London, ON:

  • Approximately 40 attendees including 1, 2, and 3 CAV Presidents and Trapper
  • Business meeting held Thursday evening to set direction for The CAV for 2015-16
  • Not For Profit / Charity status - Queens University Students have written The CAV By-Laws that are being submitted to Corporations Canada for consideration
  • Trapper - provided a briefing on "Rolling Thunder" Weekend in Washington; Trooper Mark Wilson Ride raised over 22 K; Trapper rode over 111,000 kms on CAV business
  • CAV Beret for supporters - 45% voted No - 25% voted Yes - 32% did not vote - There won't be a CAV Beret for supporters
  • 1% Motorcycle clubs - DO NOT associate with any of these clubs, if you are perceived to be associating with one of these clubs your membership in The CAV can be cancelled; Vets Canada is NOT a 1% club, but the FALCONS are considered a 1% club
  • Dess & Deportmen - The Cav has instituted 3 levels of dress - CAV Formal which is a red dress shirt with black tie. beret. black pants, vest with medals (if you are involved in presentations at public events; Tier 2 - beret, hat or no-hat, red shirt, vest and black or blue pants;
  • CAV Riders Manual - is currently being rewritten there will be sections for riders and Road Captains; it will be posted on the members only portion on the website; biggest change will be Road Captains registering riders who gain their winged wheel.
  • Rider Assistance List - if you wish to have your name on a list of persons who are available to provide emergency assistance to fellow riders who are travelling. Send your contact info to CAV HQ
  • The CAV and Veterans Affairs - Grizzly as CAV National President is our representative with VA and Legion National Command at the Veterans Round Table (The CAV is the only motorcycle Unit at the table)
  • Veterans Affairs Minister and Deputy Minister are currently both veterans
  • Legions have Service Officers who are the point of contact for providing assistance to veterans - you do NOT need to be a Legion member to take advantage of this assistance. These Service Officers ar there to help veterans in applying for benefits from Veterans Affairs.
  • CAV Membership is currently at 843 (453 veterans/332 Supporters/ 28 honourary/ 10 Silver Cross family members /19 Riders-at-large; membership forms filled out incorrectly will be returned to units - New members fill out complete form - Renewing members fill out part A only
  • Finances - Balance as of 5/11/14 $34,640.60 - Cresting 34.5%; HUB Insure 21/5%; Phones 10%; Exec 11/5%; Bursaries 6.5% - phone costs are down due to renegotiated contracts
  • Kit Shop - will now be called Supply and Services: Closing current shop; inventory is being split between the 3 divisions; National will not hold inventory; items will be resupplied based on demand; orders will be processed via the membership coordinators and through Units; order forms will be on the website soon
  • Price for kitshop items: T-shirts $20; Long sleeve T-shirts $25; Golf shirts $35; Sweaters - crew kneck $25 O/S $30; Hoodie $30 O/S $35; Zippered Hoodie $30 O/S $35; Microfleece $40; Soft shell jacket now $80; CAV coins $5; Mission statement patches $5

6. Open Discussion & Presentations

a) Presentations:

  • Mapper removed Hammer's Road Captain tag and presented it to Big Al the new Road Captain
  • Mapper presented Hammer with a poster thanking him as outgoing Road Captain.
  • Hammer presented: Watchdog & Spider with their 2014 Ride for Dad Blocker pins and kits.

b) Other Business:

  • National Memorial Ride - "Shep" Greg Shepherd, a member of the Board of Directors for the National Memorial Ride encouraged unit members to come out to support Sunday's Ride RVing at 13:00 at the Aviation and Space Museum. He reported that the corporation is folding and handing over the organization of the ride and service to the Royal Canadian Legion. All monies will be divided between the Rideau Perley Veterans Home and the Tony Stacey Centre
  • Monthly Draw: Road Runner was tonight's winner

7.Closing Remarks
a)Mapper thanked everyone for coming out to the meeting.
b) Adjournment
Mapper adjourned the meeting at 8:05pm

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