June 7 2016

Minutes Paardeberg Unit, 1 CAV
June 7, 2016

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In attendance:

Executive: Mapper, President; Don, Vice-President; Nets, Sgt-at-Arms; Kathy, Secretary

Members: Welshgirl, Sharain, Road Runner, Trev, Smiley, Odie, Sckullteddy, Gepetto, Q-T-Cat, Newf, Mel, Pebbles, & Dino

Regrets: Big Al, Road Captain

7:05 pm Nets, Sgt-at-Arms called the meeting to order with a request for one minute of Silence in remembrance.

The silence was broken with the reciting of:

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them, We will remember them.

1. President’s Opening Remarks
Mapper, President asked everyone to introduce themselves.

2. Vice-President's Remarks
Don had nothing new to report

3. Sergeant-at-Arms Remarks
Nets reported that the unit membership is now 38. He noted that Skimmer has left The CAV.

4. Ride Captain Remarks
No report

5. President Report
Mapper reported recapped past events:

Past Events:

June 10th Bierhaus Restaurant Kanata - 5 members attended to celebrate with Bert, Joanna and Cami
June 11-19 INFO - Laconia Bike Week - Trevor went to Laconia - said it was a great time - nice roads to ride
June 12th UNIT OLD BASTARDS Show & Shine Ladysmith - A number of members attended and enjoyed.
June 15th Wed UNIT - 18:00 hrs - Paardeberg Wednesday night rides meet at Tim Hortons, 3224 Hawthorne Rd, Ottawa, ON K1G 3W9
June 18th Sat UNIT - Darren Williams & Wayne Boone Memorial Ride - There was a great turn out for this event which raised $394 for the respective Charities. The Hillier Creek Winery has created a beautiful memorial on the corner of their property and welcomed members to view noting that the plaque should be in and mounted mid July.
June 20 Mon Who rode to work?
June 26thSun - A number of members rode or met at St Albert Cheese Factory for breakfast then went on a lovely ride, with some of us continuing on to Mallorytown to listen to the Pie Plates and have strawberry shortcake in the park. Great time. Dino, Scullteddy, Trevor and Kathy rode to Mallorytown.

July 2016

July 1,2,3 INFO- Bikers Reunion 2016

6. Open Discussion

a) June 18th Memorial Ride for Willy and Watchdog
There was discussion regarding the ride and the circumstances surrounding it.

  • Sherain noted that Watchdog's memorial patch was copied and produced for Darren without her permission or even without consulting her in anyway. This was very upsetting to her, as it was done for Wayne and is technically her copyrighted design.
  • The fact that our unit was not involved in organizing nor mentioned, save for the unit name under Wayne's photo was very disturbing to members. With members considering boycotting the organized ride and doing one on our own. This was quickly turned after I explained that you have apologized to the unit and a promise that we will be involved in subsequent yearly events. With that being said, the membership has decided that some of the money raised should also go towards Wayne's charity, the Military Police Blind Children's Fund.
  • Paardeberg members voted to donate the riders fee to that fund thru our SAA and anyone that wants to purchase a memorial patch for Darren will pay Afghanistan $5.00 to cover the patch production cost.
  • Once again Sherain stated the she will not be selling her patches and if anyone wants one they will have to ask her for it and if they wish, can donate to Wayne's charity thru our SAA.
  • Members were pleased to hear of the rock garden being done by Hillier Estates and agreed that this is a fitting and lasting tribute to both men.

b) Presentations:

  • Farewell: Wishing Newf and Hammer a great move. Congrats you 2, hope to see you around.
  • Winged Wheel: Roadrunner and Odie received their Winged Wheels from Mapper in Big Al, Road Captain's absence.
  • CAV Crest: Skulteddy was presented with his supporters CAV Crest

c) Monthly Draw
Was won by Gepetto

7. Closing Remarks
Mapper thanked everyone for coming out to the meeting tonight. It is great to see so many riding to the meeting.

a) Adjournment
Mapper adjourned the meeting at 20:05 hrs and invited members to stay and socialize

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