March 2 2010 Minutes

Paardeberg Unit, 1 CAV
March 2, 2010

Executive: Smokey, President; Chevy, Vice President; Lavi, Sgt-at-Arms/Deputy Road Captain; Spider, Webmaster and Kathy, Secretary

Members: Tom, Ghis, Trev, Scottie, Jake, Denny, Jay, Wayne, Spider, Doc Cyrus, Highlander, Radar, Bhudda, Mireille, François, Anne, Moon, Hammer, Newf, Mel, Witch, Mapper

Guests: Drifter, 1 CAV Formation President and Shadow

Lavi, Sergeant at Arms called the meeting to order at 7:070pm

7:05 pm Sgt-at-Arms call the meeting to order and calls for one minute of Silence for fallen soldiers and riders (lists any recent fallen member, family and combat losses since last meeting)

Canadian Force Members:
Three members of CFB Borden lost of unknown causes in Canada this past week:
Cpl. Jedd Vanden-Heuvel
2nd Lieut. Francois-Olivier Gauthier
Pte. Martin St. Onge-Gauthier

Sgt-at-Arms leads the end of the minute of silence with:
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years contemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them, We will remember them

Smokey welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked members to introduce themselves.

a) Moved by Mapper, Seconded by Scottie that the Agenda be adopted CARRIED
b) Moved by Mireille, Seconded by Wayne that the Minutes of the February 2 , 2010 meeting be adopted. CARRIED

a) Unit By-Law Updates Vote
Moved by Spider,
Seconded by Moon,
That the Paardeberg By-laws – Membership Management item 14 & 15 be amended to:
14. A person who does not renew National and Unit dues by the first meeting in February shall no longer be considered a member in good standing. As such, they are not eligible to attend CAV meetings or events. The executive will inform them of this change in status and offer a chance to correct the situation by the first meeting of the following month. Failure to pay National and Unit dues by the first meeting in March shall be interpreted as a desire, on the part of the member, to resign from The CAV and the Unit executive shall immediately recommend dismissal of the member as per the guidelines and procedure outlined in The CAV Constitution. CARRIED

b) National issue update from 1 CAV formation meeting
First Kathy provided an overview of the responses to Questions from Paardeberg:
1. Insurance: HUB has been secured – payment has been made. Policy information will be posted in the members only in section on the CAV section. Your pin is confirmation that you are a member in good standing.
The insurance came in at $7.00. The $3.00 will not be reimburse as it will be used to cover shipping costs for distribution of pins and other miscellaneous items.
2. CAV contract: Members will be required to sign the contract every year. However following a later discussion it was agreed that the wording would be softened and title of the document may change to “Commitment.”
3. CAV Logo: Trapper stated before the question was asked, “That he and he alone owns the logo” by right of being the first to use the logo. Units will require permission from National President or Fitter for authorized use of the logo. A standard industry memo of understanding that the supplier will not use the logo for any other means other than the items ordered will also be required.
4. National Governance: There will not be a voting process for National President, the National President will appoint his replacement and any other Directors.
5. Financial Statements: The CAV and the The CAV Kitshop will be incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation and the members will vote at Spring National on the corporation fiscal year. It was suggested that the date by which dues will be paid annually will be recommended as Dec 1st for a Dec 31st fiscal year end. Should the fiscal year chosen be other than 1 Jan/31 Dec the date by which renewal dues must be paid will move accordingly?
6. Voting Rights for Supporters: The 1 CAV Formation voted not to take this item to Spring National.
7. Voting between National Meetings: General consensus was that this was a good idea and 1 CAV formation voted to bring this forward to Spring National for discussion.

1. Giggles apologized for pressuring units for their membership dues early, but it was to facilitate the securing of the Risk Management insurance which is based on a $7.00 per member.
2. A cheque has been forwarded to HUB international for insurance and the policy is in effect now. Policy information will be made available to members through the members only portion of the website.
3. The Kit Shop is now just breaking even and looking good for the future. The online order form and payment module is working like a charm. Fitter thanked Smokey and his IT team Chevy for making this happen. The Kitshop is reconsidering shipping items on consignment, except for National events.
4. The CAV is in the process of being incorporated through the Law Faculty of Queens. It is at this time that The CAV logo will be formally trademarked. As a national not-for-profit association The CAV will donate all surplus funds to charities at year-end. 1 CAV Formation agreed that two charities should go forward to Spring National for consideration as the charities for 2010: Tony Stacey Centre and the Wounded Warrior Fund.
5. Byron from R4D attended to explain the R4D 10th Anniversary Ride in support of the Military Families fund and the R4D fight against prostrate cancer. Rick Hillier and Don Cherry are the Tour Co-Chairs and will participate as many segments of the ride as possible. Highway of Heros segment is from CFB Kingston to CFB Borden on August 12th. National Capital stage is three days, August 9th a rest and service your bike day, then on Tuesday August 10th Starting from the Aviation Museum the ride goes to CFB Petawawa and then back down to Pembroke for the night. August 11th is the ride from Pembroke to CFB Kingston. Highway of Heros segment is from CFB Kingston to CFB Borden on August 12th.
6. The not-for-profit incorporation of The CAV will not give The CAV charitable status. The CAV will need to apply to Canada Revenue Agency. Members noted that having charitable status would assist them in raising money in their communities.
7. 1 CAV Formation webmaster stated that the national website will no longer house unit websites. Units were encouraged to speak with other units which have their own websites. All unit websites will be linked with the National website as soon as their urls are forwarded to Bear as 1 CAV webmaster.
8. There will be a 1 CAV formation ride to Kenora, starting from North Bay on July 28th and arriving in Kenora on July 30th.
9. All unit Presidents/Reps provided updates on unit activities. All unit Road Captains/Reps met to list out all unit rides. The intent is to try not to have two charity events in the same area at the same time. Cambrai gave a great overview of the Nathan Ride for Hope for Sept 18th and encouraged other units to host a charity event in their area to raise funds for MS on the same day if their unit was unable to come to Ottawa on Sept 18th.
a. A design competition is underway in Trenton for a Fallen Soldier’s Memorial Walk to be built in Trenton along the Highway of Heros. More to follow.
b. I have posters for the Matt Dinning Ride May 15th in London.
c. Corée Unit will be hosting Spring National May long weekend – There will be a RED Ride in Quebec on June 11th ending in Campbell’s Bay for Bikes in the Bay. More to follow
d. St Laurence Montreal unit will be working with the Legion in Laval for a ride to the unveiling of their cenotaph on May 30th more to follow.
10. All unit events will be on the 1 CAV calendar as soon as possible.

c) Nominations and Elections:
Moved by: Chevy,
Seconded by: Jake,
That Paardeberg unit begin an election and nominations process to elect a new President whereby nominations would be accepted from now until the next meeting April 6th with the vote for President taking place at this meeting. CARRIED one member opposed

a) Financial report: unit funds are currently $524.97

Presentations were made:
Outgoing Vice President plague to Tom Davis by Chevy
CAV Patch: Jay
Year Bars: Lloyd, François, Mireille

The draw was won by Scottie.

Smokey read his reasons for resigning and the meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm followed by an open discussion period with Drifter, 1 CAV Formation President.

Smokey reported that after the meeting he conferred with the National VP and informed him, that he would base his final decision on information from National no later than the 5th of April at which time the unit will be informed.

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