March 7 2017

Minutes Paardeberg Unit, 1 CAV
March 7, 2017

In attendance:

Executive: Don, President; Big Al, Road Captain; Sherain, Sgt-at-Arms; Kathy, Secretary

Members: Mapper, Welshgirl, Flatfoot, Odie, Trev, Smiley,

Regrets: Jude, Spider, Road Runner, Pebbles, & Dino

7:10 pm Don, President called the meeting to order with a request for one minute of Silence in remembrance of Jason Simons

The silence was broken with the reciting of:

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them, We will remember them.

1. President’s Opening Remarks
Don, President welcomed everyone.

2. Ride Captain Remarks
Big Al, Road Captain noted that there isn't much riding to be done yet!

3. Sergeant-at-Arms Remarks
Sherain reported:

  • Currently 27 members
  • Bank account: $170.24 discretionary funds + $63.50 dues = $233.74

4. Vice-President's Remarks
No report.

5. President Report
Don did a recap of unit events since last meeting:

January, 2017
Jan 08-10 Fri-Sun INFO Motorcycle Super6-07-09 Show - Toronto - Kathy & Trev were the only members to go
Jan 21 Sat UNIT Paardeberg Unit Monthly Breakfast - 9:00 am - Busters Bar & Grill, 2525 An Awesome turnout for our first gathering since our Christmas dinner: We had 17 members plus 1 CAV President; Sgt Bob and 1 CAV Vice: Gatekeeper. Gepetto was surprised with an honourary membership in The CAV, Spider received the Moon Mullins Mug for 2016, Mapper received his plaque of appreciation from the unit for his term as President, and Woody received his Vice President badge.

February 2017
Feb 5th Sun INFO - Motorcycle Swap Meet - don't believe anyone from the unit attended
Feb 7th Tue UNIT - Paardeberg Monthly Meeting - Only Trev, Kathy and Don showed up so there was no meeting, just coffee and a chat
Feb 18 Sat UNIT - Paardeberg Unit Monthly Breakfast - 9:00am - The Royal Canadian Legion Orléans Branch 632 - there were 7 of us who attended
Feb 17 to 19 Fri - Sun - INFO The Motorcycle Show - Toronto - don't believe anyone from the unit attended
Feb 21st Tues. INFO - Candlelight Ceremony for Soldiers of Suicide - Don represented the Unit at this event. There were approximately 30 people who attended.
Feb 24 to 26 Fri - Sun - INFO The Motorcycle Show - Montreal - don't believe anyone from the unit attended

Don mentioned the upcoming events until our April meeting:

March 2017
March 7th Tue UNIT - Paardeberg Monthly Meeting
March 10-19th INFO - Bike Week Daytona
March 18th Sat 09:00 UNIT - Paardeberg Unit Monthly Breakfast - Big Rig Gloucester Centre. - RSVP to KATHY
March 19th Sun 12:00 - 16:00 INFO Rack Em Up for Dad @ Dooley's Ottawa 2279 Gladwin Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario K1B 4K9 - We want to encourage as many members to attend this Sunday afternoon event - Its hard to be 4 hrs of pool for $10 and all monies go to Ride for Dad

April 2017
April 4th Tue UNIT - Paardeberg Monthly Meeting

6. Open Discussion
Don lead a review of the responses to Unit Responses to the Question: “If you could change ONE thing in CAV, what would it be?

1. The issue with members being affiliated with other riding groups.

Don noted that there are NO issues with members being affiliated with other riding groups except for 1%ers. For CAV rides - it will be the same as "the order of march" in the military: all CAV members wearing their vests will ride together, with other motorcycle groups riding together.

2. The response times in dealing with unit changes and questions.

This response comes from the time it has taken to update The CAV website. This has has been addressed with the launching of the newly designed site, which will host the 1st CAV, 2nd CAV and 3rd CAV pages to maintain consistency in design. The 1st CAV Webmaster was appointed at The CAV gathering at the Toronto Motorcycle Show in January. Sgt Bob requested up-to-date listings of 1 CAV Unit Executives with photos which will allow Ryan to get to work on the 1st CAV pages.

3. The stupidity of only being able to order supplies twice a year

Don noted that this is being fiscally responsible. It is prudent not to tie up organizational funds in stock and storage space. While there are two official times to order CAV labeled items you can submit a request for over stock. For example if they need to order 20 units of an item to obtain the best price and only 18 have been ordered they will order 20 with the 2 extra being in the most popular sizes. So if there is an item you are interested in PLEASE contact the Sgt-at-Arms who will find out if it is available between the official ordering times.

4. Transparent & better communications

Don and Mapper both commented that since Sgt Bob has become 1 CAV President response times to questions, concerns and requests have been responded to in a timely manner. Thanks to the new 1 CAV Executive for their commitment to the members.

5. Less 'stuffy' and autocratic leadership. It's supposed to be a fun group!

Not sure who posed this ? No one at the meeting could clarify what was meant by this statement. Just the fact that Sgt Bob was willing to pose this question to Units show that he is open and ready to listen to the members and do what he can to make things work more smoothly. However The CAV is a Veterans organization.

6. Financial Statement

Members would like to see The CAV Financial Statement done in a more standardized format with more details on Revenues and Expenses. I.e. travel expenses, meeting expenses, cell phone expenses broken down more.

Following the discussion it was agreed to bring the Financial Statement clarification to 1st CAV as our unit #1 item and to commend 1st CAV Executive on their work to improve communication between the Executive and Units and that our Unit is looking forward to the improved Division pages on The CAV website.

7. Closing Remarks

a) Unit 50/50 - Flatfoot drew the winning ticket for tonight's draw. Congratulations Sherain.

b) Presentations

Don presented Kathy with her Old Guard badge - Both Don and Mapper commented that this was in the works for over a year and when Sgt Bob forgot it for the January Unit Breakfast he sent it to the Unit for presentation.

c) Adjournment
Don adjourned the meeting at 8:05 pm and invited members to socialize

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