2008 minutes

2008 Meeting Minutes

PHOTOS from 2008 meetings:

Our Last meet….December 02/08

02-12-08-Chevy-Lavi.jpg 02-12-08-Denny-Sherain-Newf-Hammer.jpg
Chevy and Lavi enjoying the meeting…. Smile,… Radar has you in his sights.t
02-12-08-Kathy-Lavi.jpg 02-12-08-Ladouce-Hogwild.jpg
Kathy giving Lavi all the winning from the 50/50 Can you feel the love?
02-12-08-Scotty-Spook-Watchdog-Denny.jpg 02-12-08-Trev-LaDouce-Radar.jpg
Watchdog was kind enough to give us all day timers for 09. La Douce getting her name tag, does it take the two of you to give her a name tag?
Thanks from all, Watchdog, they're very handy. Oh I know, anything to get to hold a good looking women. Oh and look at the smiles!
New Member "Spook, Welcome aboard and I'm sure you'll enjoy all the great rides next season.


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