Membership Management




1. The Sergeant-at-Arms maintains unit membership records and looks after both new memberships and renewal memberships.

2. All members are responsible to annually pay their national and unit membership by the prescribed time. While the unit Executive will send out reminders during the normal renewal period, ultimately individual members are responsible to ensure they have paid their dues by the specific date.


3. Membership dues are not prorated for persons who join during the year; however, those who join after September 1st will pay their National and unit dues for the next calendar year upon joining and are not required to pay an additional amount to cover the period to the end of the current year. Unit Memberships run Jan 1st to Dec 31st.

4. National fees: fees for new CAV members and renewing CAV members are set by National. Changes in these fees will be communicated to the members of Paardeberg Unit as soon as they are made known. Unit dues are established by the members of Paardeberg Unit and must be voted on annually at the November meeting.

5. Dues may be paid by cash, money order, or cheque; however, the payer will separate their payment for National and unit dues. Money orders/cheques for National dues will be made payable to CAV HQ as dictated by the yearly membership renewal forms.


6. The Sergeant-at-Arms will communicate with "prospective" members and arrange for them to come out to a meeting, ride or event where they will be introduced to the unit President and members and made aware of generally what is happening in the unit, 1 CAV and major issues affecting The C.A.V. as a whole.

7. Once the person has decided to join, the Sergeant-at-Arms will collect/help the applicant fill out the application, collect national and unit dues, obtain/take membership photograph and review The C.A.V. Constitution, unit By-Laws and confirm understanding and willingness to abide by these documents. Finally, explain how to access the National and unit websites and provide to the member the access password for the National website to allow the member access to the forums.

8. The Sergeant-at-Arms will send the completed application to C.A.V. HQ and arrange for the new members package. Normally The C.A.V. crest is issued to the new member by the President or if s/he is unavailable, the next senior Executive member at a suitable time/place as recommended by the Sergeant-at-Arms.

9. The Road Captain will meet the new member at an appropriate time to gain a better understanding of their riding experience/limitations and refer them to review The C.A.V. Ride Manual to ensure their understanding of C.A.V. group riding protocols and criteria for the winged wheel badge.


10. Membership renewals are to go through the unit; members will not communicate directly with 1 CAV or The CAV Headquarters. The Membership Form is on The CAV website for printing and payment is to be made to the Unit Sergeant-at-Arms by the date specified.

11. To ensure a proper audit trail, renewal fees will not be accepted by the unit prior to September 1st each year. The Sergeant-at-Arms will annually announce when and how members may remit their annual renewal fees. The Sergeant-at-Arms will remind members about the renewal process in effect that year at the unit meetings. A final email notice to those that have not paid before the deadline will be send in time for the members to submit on time.

12. The Sergeant-at-Arms will forward the package of National membership renewals with a list of the Road names of the renewals enclosed to The C.A.V. Kit Shop by the stated deadline. Members renewing after the deadline will be assessed a late fee by C.A.V. HQ.


13. Year bars/renewal pins are issued to those members that are eligible as soon as they are received from 1 C.A.V.


14. A person who does not renew National dues and Unit dues by the first of the new year shall no longer be considered a member in good standing. As such, they are not eligible to attend CAV meetings or events. The executive will inform them of this change in status and offer a chance to correct the situation by the first meeting of the following month. Failure to pay National and Unit dues by the deadline shall be interpreted as a desire, on the part of the member, to resign from The CAV and the Unit executive shall immediately recommend dismissal of the member as per the guidelines and procedure outlined in The CAV Constitution.

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Revisions approved by Membership: 3 November 2009
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