Minutes April 7 2009

Paardeberg Unit, 1 CAV
April 7, 2009

Executive: Sheriff, President; Tom, Vice-President; Radar, Sgt-at-Arms; Trev, Road Captain; and Kathy, Secretary

Members: Chevy; Doc Cyrus; Newf; Hammer; Wayne; Smokey, Deputy Road Captain; Howizer; Danielle; La Douce; Hog Wild; Spider, Deputy Road Captain; Ali Cat; and Lavi;

New Members: Highlander

Guests: Butch, Corée Road Captain

Sheriff called the meeting to order at 7:15 pm


Sheriff welcomed everyone asking members and guests to introduce themselves.


a) Sheriff reported that he met with Drifter National C.A.V. Vice President and reported that the Kit shop is still in transition to the new manager, Andy aka Fitter and for the interim priority will be given to catching up on outstanding orders.

b) Sheriff reported that Trapper C.A.V. National President has been in Texas riding with Bumpsy the former National VP and he is currently on his way back to Canada. Upon his return, the kit shop handover from Reg to Fitter will be finalized and new orders will be processed.


Tom opened the floor for discussion of the draft By-Laws circulated to all members prior to the meeting:
1. Unit Management
2. Executive Officers
3. Financial Management
4. Membership Management
5. Rides & Events
6. Dress Discipline & Awards
7. Communications

Sheriff clarified that in accordance with The CAV Ride Manual, the correct appointment title for persons appointed as Road Captains to assist the unit Road Captain is “Deputy Road Captain.”

Moved by Lave,
Seconded by Smokey,
That C.A.V. Paardeberg Motorcycle Unit approve the proposed unit By-Laws.

Tom will date the By-Laws and circulate them to all members following the meeting.

Sheriff will notify Drifter in his capacity as A/President 1 CAV that Paardeberg members have approved the unit By-Laws and that they may be shared with other units if desired.


Radar reported:
a) Unit finances: Radar provided the members with the unit account balance.

b) that he had circulated an email advising members that two more patches are available: one being the Highway of Heroes patch and the other the ICross humanitarian award which Butch, Corée Road Captain has brought to the meeting. The approximate cost for both badges is $11. Radar suggested that given the healthy state of the unit funds that perhaps the unit could pay for these two patches. The following motion was made after a short discussion:

Moved by Smokey,
Seconded by Doc Cyrus,
That C.A.V. Paardeberg Motorcycle Unit funds will be used to purchase both crests for current paid members.


Trev reported:
a) that in response to his email regarding the National Memorial Ride he has received responses from 6 members. He will be resending this message to all members and asked that everyone who has not replied, to please reply with their responses to each of the questions. It is important for the unit to forward the responses to the organizers of the National Memorial Ride as soon as possible.

b) Upcoming activities that the Road Captains have planned are:
o April 18th ride to Prescott for presentation to Dakota Allen.
o April 25th Bikers Church Info Day and Swap meet
o May 2-3rd Vimy Unit Show and Shine Kingston – Unit ride will be
Sunday – members welcome to ride down earlier.
o May 9th Vimy has a Kinston to Sydenham ride
o May 10th Airborne Memorial Service at Wegner Point – commemorated
the lost of 7 soldiers who drowned in the Ottawa River during an
o May 8-17th Myrtle Beach Bike Week
o May 15-17th C.A.V. Spring National meeting in New Brunswick
o May 16th Red Ride sponsored by the Renfrew County HOG Chapter in
support of the Military.
o May 23rd Harley Demo Day at Ottawa Harley on Industrial
o May 24th Harley Demo Day at Outouais Harley
o May 31st Harley Demo Day at Hawkesbury
o June 1-6th Americade
o June 6th National Memorial Ride – camping available June 5 & 6th at
Navan Fairgrounds

Trev reminded riders that on days were there aren’t scheduled unit rides members are encouraged to send out an email to invite others to join them on impromptu rides on weekends or evenings. The Road Captains have identified the Tim Hortons on Alta Vista Dr just north of the entrance to NDMC site as the Paardeberg impromptu gathering point for a coffee. It is suggested that members let each other know they are going for coffee to get members used to heading to that location.

Anyone with ideas for rides is encouraged to contact Trev at 613 830-7437 or ac.ocitapmys|netul.roverT#ac.ocitapmys|netul.roverT


Spider, Unit Webmaster reminded members to check out the unit website as it is being updated weekly. www.paardeberg.wikidot.com. He also reminded members to send him photos of members and their bikes. Perhaps old ones as there will be a contest with prizes. All events are listed on the events and unit rides are listed on the calendar. You can download this calendar into your own personal calendar if you wish to synchronize calendars.

Members who are planning long rides this riding season are encouraged to share their rides with the Unit. Spider will to post your trip itinerary/information and post trip photos on the unit website.


Sheriff presented:
Dave Ryan with his year bars
Spider with his Webmaster appointment tag
Highlander with his C.A.V. crest as a new member


a) The evening draw winner was Highlander.

b) Next meeting: May 5th, 2009 at the Blackburn Arms Pub Restaurant, 2586 Innes Road, Gloucester, ON K1B 4Z6 at 6:00 pm for supper and 7:00 pm for the meeting.


Sheriff adjourned the meeting at 7:50pm

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