Minutes Feb 3 2009

Paardeberg Unit, 1 CAV
February 3, 2009

Executive: Tom, Vice-President; Radar, Sgt-at-Arms; Trev, Road Captain; Kathy, Secretary

Members: Smokey, Asst Road Captain; Lorraine; Spook; Chevy; Spider; Gepetto; Ali Cat; Lavi; Wayne; Denny; Hammer; Newf; La Douce; Hog Wild; Moon; and Anne

Guests: Georgina; Francois and Murielle

Regrets: Sheriff, President

Tom called the meeting to order at 7:12 pm


Tom asked all members and guests to introduce themselves.

Tom passed on Sheriff’s regrets and reported that Sheriff attending a 1 CAV meeting in Trenton on 21 Feb and will provide the unit with updates at the March meeting. In the meantime, he is working on the unit bylaws and will send members copies for comment/revision shortly. Tom asked those who ordered Afghanistan crests through Jim to pay him tonight. Jim should receive the crest prior to the next meeting.


Radar reported:
a) Unit finances: account balance is $800.07

b) Unit members have discussed a spring BBQ. At this time there are two options: the Orleans Legion and BGruff offered to host the unit at his home in Dunrobin were he has plenty of room. Question: some members wondered if they would be able to camp over. Radar mentioned that the current thoughts were for a morning ride with a BBQ lunch. Camping over would need to be discussed with BGruff.

c) Radar reminded members that their memberships for 2009 are due now he had copies of the form at the meeting for renewals and noted that members not in attendance could email him to receive a copy of the membership renewal form. Membership must be paid by March 3. This is to facilitate submission of 2009 memberships to National. Those members who have not paid by March 3 will be removed from the nominal role and the CAV Forum. Members who pay their dues late will be reinstated as soon as dues are paid. We currently have approximately 36 members.

d) Radar reminded members that they can sign up for the Biker’s Reunion on their website. If you are booking a camp site Radar is already booked in site 116.

e) Radar asked members interested in going to Kenora to let him know as early as possible so that he can look into booking rooms for the trip. The Unit will leave Ottawa on July 28th and arrive back in Ottawa on August 5th. It is a three day ride to Kenora with stop overs in Blind River (just east of Sault Ste Marie) and Terrace Bay.


Trev reported that he has been working on a motorcycle calendar for the upcoming riding season which he hopes to have posted on the website. This calendar would include as many motorcycle events as possible.

He noted that the unit will schedule 2 rides per month the same as last year. Member will be encouraged to gather at a preferred location for spontaneous rides. He also encouraged members to use the member email list to invite others to join them for rides. Trevor introduced Smokey as Asst Road Captain and thanked Spider for volunteer to be an Asst Road Captain. Trevor will be meeting with Smokey and Spider prior to the riding season to go over the planned rides and finalize the ride calendar for summer 2009.

Anyone with ideas for rides is encouraged to contact Trev at 613 830-7437 or ac.ocitapmys|netul.roverT#ac.ocitapmys|netul.roverT


Spider, Unit Webmaster reported that the new Paardeberg site is up and running. He will send out a link to the new site to all members shortly and that there will be contests. He would like members to send him photos of themselves with their bikes for posting to the website. He is planning to post the photos and members will be featured on the website for a few weeks or a month at a time. The new site is easily updated. Currently Spider and Kathy have access to do updates.

Members who are planning rides this riding season are encouraged to share their rides with the Unit. Spider will to post your trip itinerary/information and photos on the unit website.

At the last meeting Watch Dog suggested that perhaps the Unit consider hiring a bus so we could go as a group to Montreal. No feedback has been received. It was suggested that those members who are planning to go could meet and car pool for the trip down.


Tom and Radar made presentations to:

Name tags were presented to: Spook and Alicat
Year bars were presented to: Moon; Anne; Denny; Spider; and Kathy

Trevor and Tom presented Assistant Road Captain tag to Spider


a) The draw was won by Kathy.

b) Smokey spoke to the group about a 5 year old girl, Dakota from Prescot who was scheduled to have open heart surgery at Sick Kids Toronto the day following the repatriation of Trooper Brian Good. She insisted on paying her respects to Trooper Good prior to going in for her surgery. The Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan have inspired her to be brave for her surgery, so much so she took the unusual step of walking into the OR, which surprised the staff at Sick Kids. Dakota had her surgery and is doing well. Members in attendance wanted to do something special for Dakota and voted unanimously to make her an honorary member of Paardeberg Unit. A ride will be organized to go to Prescott to present her with a small CAV patch and a plague from the Unit.

c) Several Unit members asked which member was ordering the pin backs and hoped that they could order more. Sailor has ordered pin backs in the past and will be asked if he is willing to place another order.

Next meeting: March 3rd, 2009 at the Blackburn Arms: 6:00 pm for supper and 7:00 pm for the meeting.


Tom adjourned the meeting at 7:35pm

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