Minutes January 4 2011

Paardeberg Unit, 1 CAV
January 4, 2011

In attendance:
Executive: Gepetto, President; Trev, Vice-President; Jay, Sgt-at-Arms; Kathy, Secretary; Hammer, Road Captain; Spider, Webmaster/Assistant Road Captain

Members: Flatfoot, Greg, Cathy and Bgruff

Regrets: Lucky, Events Coordinator; and Newf, Assistant Admin

1. President’s Opening Remarks

a) Welcome and introductions
Gepetto welcomed everyone.

2. President’s Discussion Issues

a) Business Arising
Gepetto noted that Lucky will be sending out an email with the details of the “Pool” party at Dooleys on January 19th:

Address: 2279 Gladwin Crescent (Map)
Manager: Ras Jamani
Phone: (613) 260-2311
Fax: (613) 260-2312
Email: moc.awattosylood|loopyalp#moc.awattosylood|loopyalp

3. Vice- President’s discussion Issues

Trevor mentioned that:

  • Trev and Kathy attended The Toronto Motorcycle Show at the Toronto Metro Centre December 10 – 12th. It was a good show lots of great bikes, not many accessory vendors, but there were a few.
  • The Toronto Super Show Motorcycle Event is on this weekend January 7, 8, 9.
  • Members who were blockers for the Motorcycle Ride for Dad are invited to a volunteer appreciation lunch on Sunday, January 16th from Noon to 3 pm.
  • Brian, Kathy and Trev attended the last repatriation in Trenton and met with Sheriff who paid his 2011 dues. We talked about organizing a ride out to Maddock or passing through Maddock on our Prince Edward County ride this year.

a) Website
Spider reported that he is still looking for member’s stories and photos of members with their bikes. There are numerous motorcycle ride stories on the internet that detail rides, routes, places to stay and things to see. He enjoys reading these stories to past the winter. Members who have changed bike are encouraged to send in photos of them with their new rides. He also mentioned that for 2011 he would like to ensure that the Paardeberg calendar is full of motorcycle event.

b) Event Coordinator
It was agreed that Lucky would make the arrangements with Dooley’s and send out an email to all members with the details for our “Pool” party on Wednesday, January 19th, 2011.

4. Sergeant-at-Arms

a) Finance report
Jay reported that there are some outstanding bills from the Christmas Party to pay.

b) Membership
Jay recapped current membership: 29 members plus 1 honorary member and 1 youth member. Two of those members have yet to send in their dues. In response to a question about dues, Jay confirmed that new members pay $65 for National and $5 for the Unit dues and renewing members pay $35 for National and $5 for the Unit. He also reported that he has a number of member name tags on order as well as winged wheel awards (riding proficiency award) for the Road Captain to present.

5. Road Captain Report

Hammer he has put together a draft ride plan which shows all motorcycle events in the Ottawa Area and all CAV events. There could be a few rides on a day. Members will have lots of options to choose from. He stated that certain events will be identified as a “Unit” ride, a ride that all members are encouraged to attend if they are able. The Executive will be meeting February 9th to review the ride plan, identify the “Unit” rides and finalize the plan so it can be loaded on the website and Unit Calendar.

6. Other Business

  • There weren’t any items raised under new business.

7. Presentations

  • No presentation tonight

8. President’s Closing Remarks

a) Adjournment
Gepetto adjourned the meeting at 8:10 pm inviting people to stick around and chat.

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