Minutes June 2 2009 Meeting

Paardeberg Unit, 1 CAV
June 2, 2009

Executive: Radar, Sgt-at-Arms; Trev, Road Captain; and Kathy, Secretary

Members: Mapper; Sammy; Chevy; François; Mireille; Newf; Smokey, Deputy Road Captain; Ali Cat; Acorn; Highlander; Jake; Wayne; Lavi; Bgruff

Guests: Dave, Red Friday Walk/Run; Lorriaine

Regrets: Sheriff, President

Radar called the meeting to order at 7:15 pm


Radar welcomed everyone and asked members and guests to introduce themselves.


Radar reported:
a) Unit finances: provided an update on the financial status of the unit.
b) Reminded everyone that the Unit BBQ will be at Bgruff’s on Saturday June 27, 2009 out in Dunrobin. The unit will provide the burgers, hotdogs, and pop. Other beverages are bring your own. Bgruff has lot of room for those who wish to camp.
c) Spoke to Sheriff’s email in response to the Spring National minutes to re-iterated that the C.A.V. annual dues should include insurance and that it not be an additional surcharge as previously discussed at the Trenton meetings.


Trev reported:
a) That since the last meeting Paardeberg Unit rides had included: May 3 ride to the Vimy Unit Show and Shine: May 10 ride to the Airborne Memorial Service at Wegner Point – 41st anniversary of the lost of 7 paratroopers who drowned in the Ottawa River during an exercise; May 16 Anzio’s Red Ride (a few hardy souls braved the rain); May 20 first cruise night of the season at Rideau Carlton Racetrack; May 23 ride to Prescott to support Dakota Allen’s lemonade stand in support of the Heart and Stroke foundation; May 24 an impromptu ride to TJ’s Roadhouse in Sumerstown on the St Lawrence River; May 30 a dozen members supported the Ride for Dad by blocking while other rode in the ride. There was a large photo of Trapper in the Ottawa Citizen the next day.

b) Upcoming activities which unit members may want to participate in are:

  • June 5 Canadian Forces Days Red Run/Walk
  • June 6 D-Day parade at the National War Memorial 11 am
  • June 6 National Memorial Ride – registration at the aviation museum start point. Riders are encouraged to ride out to the activities in Navan
  • June 12 – 14 Bikers in the Bay – Campbells Bay – sponsored by the Corée unit and funds raised will assist in developing a park in memory of those who lost their lives in Afghanistan with a tree being planted for each person lost.* June 13 Freedom HOG Chapter Fun Ride in support of the Children’s Wish Foundation
  • June 20 John Flagg memorial ride – sponsored by the Blue Knights
  • June 21 Father’s Day
  • June 27 Paardeberg Unit BBQ at Bgruff’s (Smokey’s Birthday)
  • July 3-5 New Liskeard
  • July 29-Aug 2 Kenora C.A.V. National Meetings

c) Unit BBQ – Bgruff’s address is 470 Berry Side Road in Dunrobin – Korean flag flying .

Trev reminded riders that on days were there aren’t scheduled unit rides members are encouraged to send out an email to invite others to join them on impromptu rides on weekends or evenings. The Road Captains have identified the Tim Hortons on Alta Vista Dr just north of the entrance to NDMC site as the Paardeberg impromptu gathering point for a coffee. It is suggested that members let each other know they are going for coffee to get members used to heading to that location.

Anyone with ideas for rides is encouraged to contact Trev at 613 830-7437 or ac.ocitapmys|netul.roverT#ac.ocitapmys|netul.roverT


a) C.A.V. website update
Smokey as C.A.V. webmaster reported that the “new” C.A.V. website is operational and thanked Chevy for his hard work. He also noted that in the near future in order to get into the members only portion of the website members will be required to register for the C.A.V. Forum and set up their password. This password will become your password for entering the members only portion of the website. Members will receive a notice when this becomes operational.

b) Red Run/Walk – June 5
Acorn and Dave briefed the unit on what will be expected of the blockers:
10:30 am meet at Confederation Park will other volunteers for a briefing, to pick up your volunteer kit and box lunches
11:00 am leave confederation for your intersection for blocking
12:00 noon set up your barricades

Dave handed out detailed briefing packages of each location which included photos of were to place the barricades to each unit member who is blocking

It was suggested that members bring a camera, notepad and pen to capture any difficulties with motorists

Members were reminded that “emergency” vehicles were the only vehicles allowed to pass the barriers.


Radar and Trev presented:

  • Mapper with his C.A.V. crest and Paardeberg badge

Year badges were presented to:

  • Newf – one year
  • Acorn – three years
  • Jake – three years
  • Bgruff – two years


a) The evening draw winner was Mapper

b) Next meeting: July 7th, 2009 at the Blackburn Arms Pub Restaurant, 2586 Innes Road, Gloucester, ON K1B 4Z6 at 6:00 pm for supper and 7:00 pm for the meeting.


Radar adjourned the meeting at 8:20pm

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