Minutes June 5 2012

Minutes Paardeberg Unit, 1 CAV
June 5, 2012

7:00 pm Flatfoot, Sgt-at-Arms called the meeting to order with a request for one minute of Silence for fallen soldiers and riders broken by:

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them, We will remember them.

In attendance:
Executive: Trev, President; Mapper, Vice-President; Flatfoot, Sgt-at-Arms; Kathy, Secretary;

Members: Jay, Gepetto, Nets, J.C., Bgruff, Nuke and Jacks

Regrets: Spider, Webmaster/Road Captain; Lucster, Deputy Road Captain, Silly, Road Runner Newf & Hammer, Mel & Witch, Q-T-Cat and Tommy Boy.

1. President’s Opening Remarks
Trev, President passed out $10 coupons for Fatboys Smokehouse restaurant in the By-Ward Market. He welcomed everyone and asked members to introduce themselves.

2. Vice-President
Mapper lead a brief discussion regarding group riding and filling in gaps. The question is do you stay in your lane and wave the rider behind you on the opposite side to ride forward to fill the gap or do you change lanes? The C.A.V. Riders Manual states: 2.3.3 Filling the Gap. If a rider drops out of a staggered formation and the ride is not going to stop (e.g., a rider decides to ride with the Sweep), it is desirable to preserve the integrity of the formation by filling the gap. Each rider in the line, behind the gap, shall move forward one space. This “line movement forward” technique is preferred to the “cross-over” technique for safety-sake. Always check your mirrors to ensure there is sufficient room in the formation to complete the maneuver.

The most important point is SAFETY and that all riders in the group are aware of what the protocol is. If a rider wishes to stay in a preferred lane, that rider MUST indicate to the rider behind to move forward to fill the gap. ALWAYS indicate to other riders whether you are changing lanes or want them to move forward.

3. Sergeant-at-Arms Report
Reported the unit fund stands at $419 and that we have a new supporter member Alabama.

3. Road Captain's Report
In the abcense of any Road Captains Trev reported that members of the Paardeberg Unit participated in:

  • May 5th Ride the Valley for Soldier On - 9 members participated
  • May 12th Mike Jefferies - Funeral Procession and service - 6 members participated
  • May 13th Wegner Point, Petawawa Airborne Remembrance Ceremony - Trev and Smiley participated
  • May 18 to 21st The C.A.V. Spring Nationals in Fort Erie, Ontario. Trev and Spider representing Paardeberg Unit
  • May 21st Ride to Canton, NY - 6 riders rode to Canton, NY for lunch
  • May 26-27thRun to the Dinosaur BBQ// - great turn out - check out the photos
  • June 2nd Motorcycle Ride for Dad - Ottawa 14 members participated either blocking and/or the poker run
  • June 3rd // The C.A.V. D-Day Invasion of the War Museum// - 8 members particiated
  • June 3rd National Memorial Ride 2 members joined 1 C.A.V. President Mad Dawg and a few other at this service at Beechwood Cemetary
  • June 3rd Padre Don received the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal following the memorial service at the War Museum

Upcoming events that members may wish to participate in:

4. President's Report
Trev provided an update from The C.A.V. Spring National meetings in Fort Erie: The C.A.V. is pursuing becoming a national not-for-profit organization which will amalgamate "The C.A.V." and "The C.A.V. Kitshop" which is a stand alone company incorporated in Alberta. Gabby, a lawyer has been appointed by the National Executive to oversee this process. This process requires changes to the current C.A.V. constitution which will can only be amended by a vote which includes 80% of veteran members of The C.A.V. Instructions for online voting will be forwarded to each unit president. Currently Giggles is confirming Unit membership contact information in preparating for voting.

5. Points from the Floor
On June 10th Nets is walking in the //Walmart's Walk for Children's Hospitals // which his family has done for the past couple of years. This walk allows walkers to designate their choice of Children's hospitals and Nets has choosen CHEO. Please consider supporting Nets by making a donation online.

On June 24th the Korean War Veterans will be holding their annual parade at the National War Memorial.

6. Presentations
a) Trev presented:
Geppeto with his OLD GUARD tag at last nights meeting. He is a founding member of the Paardeberg Unit and has contributed a great deal to the CAV. There are now 3 members of the OLD GUARD in the Paardeberg Unit: Gepetto, BGruff and Trev.

b) Tonights draw was won by Flatfoot, who donated his winnings back to the unit fund.

7. Closing Remarks
Trev thanked everyone for coming out to the meeting and encouraged members to stay a while and visit. He also mentioned that he and Kathy would be in NB for the August meeting and that Mapper as VP will chair.

a) Adjournment
Trev adjourned the meeting at 7:42 p.m.

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