Minutes Mar 3 2009

Paardeberg Unit, 1 CAV
March 3, 2009

Executive: Sheriff, President; Tom, Vice-President; Radar, Sgt-at-Arms; Trev, Road Captain; and Kathy, Secretary

Members: LA; Ghis; Spider, Assistant Road Captain; Spook; Chevy; Ali Cat; and Lavi;

New Members: Murielle; François; Lloyd; and Doc Cyrus

Regrets: Smokey, Assistant Road Captain

Sheriff called the meeting to order at 7:15 pm


Sheriff welcomed everyone asking members and guests to introduce themselves.


Sheriff reported that Drifter National C.A.V. Vice President hosted the meeting on behalf of Buddha (Ernie Hall), 1 C.A.V. President who is still in Afghanistan. Highlights of the meeting were:

a) There are currently 22 registered units in 1 C.A.V. and potentially three more opening soon

b) Vimy is the home station for the C.A.V.

c) Vimy Unit over the past year split with the new group creating Hill 667 located west of Kingston. However, subsequently leadership issues and differing agendas caused C.A.V. National to disband the unit. Some of the former 667 members returned to Vimy while others chose to pursue their own group outside of the C.A.V. .

d) Repatriation ceremonies: The C.A.V. meets at the Tim Horton’s on the base in Trenton prior to riding as a group to line Highway #2 outside the gates as the plane lands and the procession leaves the base for the trip down “Highway of Heros” to Toronto. The Tim Hortons has announced that immediately following the repatriation ceremonies they will serve free coffee to members of the C.A.V. at the Military Resource Centre located across the street.

e) Corée and a new unit are planning a bike event called “Bikes in the Bay” in Campbells Bay, June 12-14th. A portion of the funds raised will support the creation of a national commemorative park to honour Canadian soldiers who died in Afghanistan Registration and additional information is available on their website at to www.bikesinthebay.com.

f) Current C.A.V. membership numbers were presented. Recent trend shows renewal rates could be improved.

g) A broad based Business Plan has been developed for the C.A.V. To provide a general planning guideline for the coming year. The document is limited in its depth but is a good sign of gradual improvements to the governance processes.

h) Currently the C.A.V. and the C.A.V. Kit Shop are two separate entities. A presentation will be made at the Spring C.A.V. National/Board of Directors meeting in Moncton to formally consolidate the organization and the kit shop as a single legal entity/business unit. It will take a few years for the C.A.V. to stabilize its foundation and develop stability within a new and formalized governance model.

i) The Kit Shop in the past has been run by volunteers with great intentions but little experience in inventory and processing. A retired supply tech has volunteered to organize inventory stock and refine the process for orders coming into the Kit Shop.

j) The C.A.V. in the past has researched event rider insurance which has been price prohibitive. However, this will again be on the agenda for discussion at the spring meeting; perhaps with a greater support and likelihood of endorsement.

k) The National Memorial Ride (NMR) corporation has been formed to plan and manage an annual tribute ride to the military. The ride to Beechwood National Military Cemetery will be held on June 6, 2009. The organizing committee has incorporated as a stand alone entity with the C.A.V. as host. The staging grounds will be the Navan Fairground with camping available for those who wish to come early and stay over. The ride will be an escorted ride at 2:00 pm to the National Military Cemetery for a memorial ceremony presided over by Padre Don. Riders will be escorted back to Navan Fairgrounds for more activities. The website www.nationalmemorialride.com is under construction and as details are confirmed updates will be posted there.

l) The C.A.V. appointed Fr8tek of Vimy unit as the National ICROSS coordinator and he has appealled to units to organize rides in their area so that to raise funds for ICROSS. All funds raised at the National C.A.V. events annually in Kenora ON are donated to ICROSS. Some of the members felt that it would be great if units took on raising additional funds for this worthy cause. Fr8tek volunteered to coordinate these unit rides in support of ICROSS. Funds raised will be presented to ICROSS at the National C.A.V. meetings in Kenora.


Tom reported that the Executive has been develping unit By-Laws over the past serveral months and the package is near completion. The first drafts have been circulated to members of the Executive for review and discussion prior to circulating them to members for approval at a future meeting. The By-Laws in draft form currently include:
1. Unit Management
2. Executive Officers
3. Financial Management
4. Membership Management
5. Rides & Events
6. Dress Discipline & Awards
7. Communications

Tom will be finalizing editorial comments and corrections in the coming weeks and forward the final draft to members prior to the April meeting where the membership will be asked to vote on acceptance.

Sheriff shared a copy of the draft By-Laws with Drifter in his capacity as A/President 1 CAV to solicit comment and formation level support. The documents have been well received and the final edited/unit approved By-Laws will likely be made available to all CAV units for information and for use as a template for their own. Sheriff supported Drifter's request to now share the annex to draft By-Law #4 Membership Management with other units.


Radar reported:

a) Unit finances: account balance is $878.90

b) Bgruff contacted Radar to report that he has 25 acres of room for members who wish to camp over at the Unit BBQ being planned. Once the date has been confirmed and the number of participants (members plus family members) confirmed the food costs will be determined. The unit will vote on the $s to be spent on this event.

c) Radar reported that currently Paardeberg has 38 paid members plus 7 members who have not renewed.

d) Radar reminded members to sign up for the Biker’s Reunion. You can download the registration form on their website at www.bikersreunion.ca. If you are booking a camp site Radar is already booked in site 116.

e) Radar reported that a plaque is being prepared for Dakota Allen as discussed at the last meeting. She will also be presented with a small C.A.V. patch. A ride will be organized to go to Prescott to present her with a small CAV patch and a plague from the Unit.

f) Radar asked members interested in joining the unit ride to Kenora advise him as early as possible to facilitate booking rooms. The Unit leaves Ottawa July 28th and arrives back in Ottawa on August 5th. It is a three day ride to Kenora with over nights in Blind River (just east of Sault Ste Marie) and Terrace Bay. The return ride includes the same over nights. Veterans of this ride have already cased out the good places to stop.


Trev reported:
a) That this Friday is the second Friday the 13th of the year, still a little chilly to ride down

b) Toronto Motorcycle Show is part of the Toronto Sportsman’s Show March 18-22, 2009.

c) The 2009 Toronto International Spring Motorcycle Show is April 4 & 5, 2009
d) two of our unit members Newf and Hammer are currently in Daytona enjoying Daytona Bike Week – February 27- March 8, 2009

e) Some activities that the Road Captains will be discussing at their planning meeting are:

  • April 18th is the tentative date for our shake-out ride to Prescott more details to follow.
  • May 2 & 3 Vimy Show and Shine
  • A Wolfe Island ride
  • Petawawa Museum Ride
  • St Laurent River Ride
  • Biker’s Reunion

Trev reminded riders that on days were there aren’t scheduled unit rides members are encouraged to send out an email to invite others to join them on impromptu rides on weekends or evenings. The Road Captains will be looking at identifying a unit Tim Horton’s were members will be able to gather for a coffee. It is suggested that once the location has been identified that members use email to let others know they are going for coffee to get members used to heading to that location.

Anyone with ideas for rides is encouraged to contact Trev at 613 830-7437 or ac.ocitapmys|netul.roverT#ac.ocitapmys|netul.roverT


Spider, Unit Webmaster reminded members that the new Paardeberg site is up and running. www.paardeberg.wikidot.com. He also reminded members to send him photos of members and their bikes. Perhaps old ones as there will be a contest with prizes. He is planning to post the photos and members will be featured on the website for a few weeks or a month at a time. The new site is easily updated. Currently Spider and Kathy have access to do updates.

Members who are planning long rides this riding season are encouraged to share their rides with the Unit. Spider will to post your trip itinerary/information and post trip photos on the unit website.

Spider will be developing a calendar for our website that lists all the events.


Sheriff welcomed Trev into the Old Guard and presented his patch.
Sheriff patched the following new members:
Doc Cyrus

Sheriff presented the following with their year bars:


a) The evening draw was won by Chey.

b) Next meeting: April 7th, 2009 at the Blackburn Arms: 6:00 pm for supper and 7:00 pm for the meeting.


Sheriff adjourned the meeting at 7:55pm

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