Minutes Oct 5 2010

Paardeberg Unit, 1 CAV
October 5, 2010

In attendance:
Executive: Gepetto, President; Trev, Vice-President; Jay, Sgt-at-Arms; Hammer, Road Captain; Kathy, Secretary; Lucky, Events Coordinator; and Newf, Assistant Admin

Members: Flatfoot; Wayne; Mapper; Brian; Greg; Bgruff; Sue; Kitbag; Big Al; Ann and Moon

Regrets:Spider, Webmaster/Assistant Road Captain

7:05 pm Jay, Sergeant-at-Arms called the meeting to order and calls for one minute of Silence for fallen soldiers and riders

Following the moment of silence Jay recited:
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years contemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them, We will remember them.

1. President’s Opening Remarks
a) Welcome and introductions

Gepetto welcomed everyone to our regular monthly meetings and requested that members introduce themselves.

2. President’s Discussion Issues
a) Business Arising
Gepetto thanked Bgruff and Harper for hosting the Unit BBQ on September 25th. He asked Bgruff to give our thanks to Harper.

3. Vice- President’s discussion issues

Trev spoke about the "Old Guard" position. The OLD GUARD are those that due to their life experience and personality, provide a bridge between all generations of veterans, citizens and riders. These members may be awarded this cresting at unit level, or nationally during a ride, at a meeting, or any public forum, presenting proof of our recognition of their energy and status as those that have “been there, done that”.

Old Guard members in units act as advisors, part Padre, social worker, and or councilor. Members may meet with an Old Guard in confidence. Bgruff is also a member of the Old Guard. No matter what the need you can be assured that conversations with the

Trev complimented Hammer, who as Road Captain has had a lot of ideas for great rides and has done an excellant job of leading rides this year.

Trev also noted that The CAV and Paardeberg Unit is a millitary oriented organization and should participate in not only motorcycle events, but millitary events and veteran events.

Trev reported that he and Kathy rode out to Maxville to visit with Mel and Witch. They have bought their RV and have been living in it waiting until they could sell their house. They are in good spirits and waiting for Dr appointments.

a) Website

Spider and Kathy investigated ways to improve the unit website and get rid of the ads that are on the site. This and much more can be accomplished by upgrading to the ProLite version of the site at a cost of $49.80 USD.

The members in attendance agreed that Spider should go ahead and upgrade the site.

b) Event Coordinator

Lucky reported that she has tentatively booked a room at the Montgomery Legion on Kent Street (there is a cost) for Wed Dec 15th and she has tentatively booked the Kanata Legion through Bgruff at no cost for Dec 13th. She is looking at a catered dinner at either location costing between $18 - $20 per person.

Moved by Hammer,
Seconded by Trev,
that Paardeberg Unit offsets the cost of the Xmas Party by $300.
Passed Unanimously

Members all agreed that the best location for this year's Xmas party will be at the Kanata Legion on December 13th.

4. Sergeant-at-Arms
a) Finance report

Jay reported that the unit funds are now at $677.

b) Membership

Paardeberg Unit memberships are almost all paid or members have indicated they are switching units. Jay will send Gepetto the names of those few remaining members who have not renewed.

5. Road Captain Report
Hammer reflected on the past rides and the those members who participated in rides this year. Not everyone is able to make every ride and there is not always the same people at each ride.

Sept 18 - Nathan Ride for Hope - great turn out of unit members for this first ever ride. Great route, good food and great prizes.

Sept 19 Army Run - Paardeberg had three members participate in the 5km run. Hammer, Trev and Lucky all ran and completed the run. Paardeberg unit will look to see how we as a unit can best support the 2011 Army Run.

Oct 2 Chase the Leaves - a number of members rode the 300 km route from the Ride for Spendor with lunch in Sydenham. The roads were great and the fall colours were awesome.

Oct 4 Ride to Mount Tremblant - a number of members gathered at Harley Davidson Ottawa to ride to Mount Tremblant for lunch. There was a large turnout of bikes. Paardeberg Unit rode as a unit on a slightly different route to Mount Tremblant. It was a cool ride with a few pit stops to get the blood circulating on the way up to Mount Tremblant. After lunch we rode down to Hawksbury via Hwy 327 which turned out to be a great road with fresh pavement and lots of twists, turns, ups and downs to a short "rough" stretch into Hawksbury and then back to Ottawa via Highway 17/174.

Next Ride:
Oct 9 Weather permitting a ride to Calabogie to check out the track and take a test drive round the track at 180 with a friend of Lucky's. You will need to bring a full face helmut in order to take a free ride.

Oct 11Weather permitting a ride to visit Pvte RR Thompson who received the Queen's Scarft for his participation in the Battle of Paardeberg in the Boer Wars and a trip through Gatineau Park.

Hamer noted that he is recommending that this ride to the gravesite be scheduled for Victoria Day weekend given that Queen Victoria knit 8 scarves herself and they were presented to 4 British soldiers and a soldier from each of the 4 Commonwealth countries (Canada, New Zealand, Autralia and South Africa)

It is Hammer's intent to finalize and publish the Paardeberg Unit calendar for 2011 by the end of February.

6. Other Business

The week of Nov 5 through 11 is Veterans Week in Canada leading up to November 11th ceremonies. He encouraged members to participate in activities this week. Bgruff reported that he is often asked to speak to Schools about Remberance Day. He encouraged members who wished to speak to schools about their service in various theatres to come see him after the meeting or to email him later.

Brian is a member of the Air Force Speakers Bureau and has rememberance presentations that members can use for school visits.

Flatfoot reminded members that there are current members of the Canadian Forces recovering at the Ottawa Rehab Centre. Visiting hours are between 1800 - 2000.

This reminded Gepetto of a Paardeberg member, Doug Magee who had a bad accident. He would like to try to reconnect with him.

7. Presentations

Gepetto presented:

  • Beth her CAV crest
  • Trev recieved his Vice-President's tag

Tonights draw was won by Greg.

7. President’s Closing Remarks
a) Adjournment

Gepetto adjourned the meeting at 8:05 pm inviting people to stick around and chat.

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