Minutes October 6 2009 Meeting

Paardeberg Unit, 1 CAV
October 6th 2009


Executive: Radar, Sgt-at-Arms; Trevor, Road Captain; Smokey, National Web Master; Spider, Unit Webmaster

Members: Chevy, Hammer, Lavi, Mapper, Mel, Newf, Witch

Guests: Brian, (new potential member); Trapper, CAV Co-Founder and National President

Regrets: Sheriff, President; Tom, Vice; Kathy, Secretary

Radar called the meeting to order at 7:08pm


Radar asked that the membership introduce themselves so Brian would be able to meet everyone. It was also announced there would be no 50/50 draw tonight.


Radar read the financial report stating the balance of the fund was $711.95. This was largely due to the insurance company not cashing the cheque that was written for the unit insurance. Radar has since cancelled that policy and we will now fall under the Hub International Insurance Company that will be adopted by the National CAV. The membership dues were to increase by $7.00 to cover the cost of the insurance. Radar confirmed with Trapper at the meeting that the dues were indeed $7.00 and not $10.00. Smokey stated to Trapper that he would change the website to reflect the new totals. Paardeberg unit had voted in the August meeting that the cost of the insurance would be borne by the unit fund and the membership fees and unit fund fee for this unit would remain the same.


Trevor reviewed the September schedule of events that the unit was involved in over the past month:
September 5th the unit participated in a Benefit Ride for Breast Cancer hosted by one of the Harley Owners Group, which raised approximately $3,000.00
September 7th there was a ride to St Rafael’s Ruins and then to TJ’s Road house for lunch near Cornwall.
September 9th members of the unit attended a Repatriation Ceremony in Trenton.
September 12th was the Veterans Memorial Ride and Perley Visit coordinated by the Cambrai unit with great success in reaching out to the residents of that facility. September 13th was the Canadian Guide Dog benefit ride and BBQ.
September 20th there were many events including the Carlton Place Ride for Splendor, the Canadian Army Run and another Repatriation Ceremony in Trenton. We had members attend each event.
September 26th was the ride to the grave site of Pte Thompson in Chelsea, QC. Pte Thompson fought in the South African war and was awarded the Queen Victoria scarf for his service. After visiting Pte Thompson we went to the Masson Flea Market and then to Hawkesbury. The day ended in Orleans at the town’s Oktoberfest.
October 3rd we had a ride to Cornwall to support the father of a fellow rider, Lavi. His dad had an unfortunate passing and we rode down to attend his interment and show our support to Lavi.
October 4th there was a Coree ride to Mont Tremblant, people in attendance reported it was a beautiful ride but a wet return.

Up coming rides:
October 10th being hosted by Vimy. The fall colours ride will tour Kingston area making stops in 5 Legions along the route. The day will begin at the Legion Branch 560 for breakfast. The ride will finish at 1600 ending at the home of Drifter and Shadow in Westport. Please consult the email with regard to the time and other details. Any additional rides this month will be announced via email and will be determined by the weather.

Spider explained that he is still in the process of posting photos to the website of the unit rides. He also entertained a question from Chevy about posting the By Laws on the website. Spider said there was debate about posting and he would check with Sherriff to ensure his intent for that. If it is decided that the By Laws can be posted, Spider will obtain the final copy from Tom and post it to the unit website.

5. SGT-AT-ARMS REPORT continued

Radar reminded the membership that tonight was the last night for nominations and volunteers for the position of Unit President. He explained the prerequisites to become a unit President. He then asked for any last minute considerations. Since there were none, it was announced that Smokey would be the incoming President. It was asked that the announcement be a close hold until the opportunity was give to Sherriff to make the announcement publically himself. There would be a ride coordinated to meet Sherriff to do the official handing over of the unit between the outgoing and incoming Presidents.

Radar also reminded the membership that volunteers and nominations for the other executive positions were to be sent to Smokey. Smokey would then choose his executive. Radar asked that should the new Sergeant at Arms be chosen then he would like the opportunity to meet at his home to allow a thorough hand over of the membership files and the unit fund information.

Radar explained that currently the membership year bars are awarded in the month the member joined the unit. He stated it could change to the time the membership is paid as is the case in other units but that it would be the decision of the new President and incoming Sergeant at Arms. Radar explained the parameters of the year bars for the benefit of new people. It was also stated that there would be a year pin in the near future. The pin is a CAV motorcycle with the year below. It denotes the year that the membership dues are paid. Once per year will be awarded. These are not being issued retroactively it is for future years.

Mel was awarded his winged wheel for rider proficiency by Trevor, the Road Captain.

Mapper addressed the membership. He explained that he was approached by a member of the Canada Safety Council. They were trying to find a way to meet with a unit or CAV representative. Since there are numerous riding groups throughout the Ottawa area the Safety Council is trying to have a meeting of all the groups to see it they can de-conflict some of the events. Currently there are multiple rides on the same day. This is very taxing on resources. The Safety Council is looking to coordinate the schedule so all the events can occur but dispersed over the summer as opposed to many at the same time. It is not to deter them from happening but to coordinate the timings so there are more OPP available and the persons in attendance can be offered many opportunities to ride instead of choosing between many in one day or weekend. Smokey asked that Mapper pass along the contact information and that he would engage the representative to discuss the issue on behalf of Paardeberg.

Smokey raised the topic of the unit Christmas Party and asked for an OPI. Chevy agreed that he would make the calls and seek the information trying to coordinate the best date available.

Motioned bySmokey
Seconded by Lavi
That the party be held in the Orleans Legion with their caterer as it was last year. All agreed that the venue was good and that would be the best choice.

Chevy will email the list of available dates and costs. At the next meeting the membership will chose the date, and vote to allow the expenditure of the unit fund money. Chevy would also be willing to handle the donations to the Food Bank that would be brought in the night of the Christmas Party as well.

Trapper was in possession of the National Colours. He explained that the Colours displayed all the Battle honours that were used to name the CAV units across the country. Trapper went into detail of the battle of Paardeberg and the role played by Pte Thompson to hold his finger over the wound in the neck of a fellow soldier for over 24hrs on the second day of the battle. His closing of the wound until the medical care arrived not only saved his comrade but also earned him the Queen Victoria Scarf. The only one ever issued to a Canadian. It was also during that time in history that it was decided a method of recognizing such acts was required. The Victoria Cross was then created.

Trapper explained that these set of colours had just returned from Afghanistan and that he has displayed them on over 111 group rides across this country this summer. Not only do they represent the battles of the past but each unit name is a representation within your own community. Many questions arise during his rides and he explains the colours and the CAV concept often. Ride for fun while helping others. There have been over 4000 crests issued in the past 6yrs. Current membership is at 1078.

Trapper announced that they have introduced a “Strength and Honour Contract”. The idea behind this is to ensure that those people wanting to maintain a membership in the CAV are signing this contract to agree that they “bring their best days to the CAV
Trapper also explained that organization has produced 12 Silver Cross Crests. Since its inception, they have awarded 9. These crests are awarded to the immediate blood relative of a fallen soldier.

Trapper passed on the well wishes of all the other units. During his visits across the country many congratulated the activity and organization of Paardeberg.


Smokey announced he will be giving up his Assistant Road Captain position. He said the title will be changing to Deputy Road Captain.
Smokey said he would like anyone interested in an executive position to give their names to him and which position is of interest.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:05pm.

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