Minutes Of The May 5 2009 Meeting

Paardeberg Unit, 1 CAV
May 5, 2009

Executive: Sheriff, President; Tom, Vice-President; Radar, Sgt-at-Arms; Trev, Road Captain; and Kathy, Secretary

Members: Smokey, Deputy Road Captain; Spider, Deputy Road Captain; Spook; Anne; Moon; Highlander; Lavi; Dunks; Ali Cat; Jumper; Mel; Wayne; Newf; François; Murielle; La Douce; Hog Wild; Gepetto; and Watchdog.

Guests: Gary

Sheriff called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm


Sheriff welcomed everyone and asked members and guests to introduce themselves.


a) Sheriff noted that he was glad to see so many at the meeting and for new members introduced Gepetto as the founding President of the Paardeberg Unit.

b) Sheriff reported that he will be back at work shortly and as such will not be attending the Spring National Meetings in New Brunswick as planned. Some members of Paardeberg are planning on attending and will represent the unit at the meetings.

c) Bgruff, our oldest member and a Korean War Vet has offered his place in Dunrobin for a unit BBQ. The proposed dates of June 27 or 28 were mentioned but Bgruff was not at the meeting to confirm the suitability of the proposed date. BGruff was subsequently contacted by Sheriff and he: 1) concurred with the dates; and 2) invited interested unit members to attend the annual KVA parade with him. For the BBQ on 27 June, the unit will be supplying hot dogs, water and soft drinks. Members may bring their own preferred beverages if they wish. Bgruff has lots of space for camping if members wish to do so.


Tom stated that he had nothing to report on for this meeting.


Radar reported:
a) Unit finances: provided a financial update on unit finances.

b) that he has contacted the Ontario Riders Association and Paardeberg is able to obtain event insurance for approximately $6 per member plus an admin fee of $125 for the riding season. The approximate cost would be $325 plus tax.

Hog Wild reminded members that the unit passed a motion last fall to look into obtaining event insurance for Paardeberg Unit.

Following a discussion it was agreed that:
i) members were encouraged to check with their individual insurance companies to see if their insurance covered them for any liabilities regarding attending unit rides.
ii) the Paardeberg rep attending the Spring National Meetings would bring up the subject of National providing event insurance as part of the benefits of membership.


Trev reported:
a) that since the last meeting Paardeberg Unit had an impromptu ride on April 10th Good Friday - 5 members went for a spin and visited the Easter Weekend Leather Show in the West end; April 18th Participated in the Dakota Allen Ride to Prescott - Good work Smokey on suggesting and organizing this ride – approximately 40 CAV bikes attended ; April 25th Paardeberg Shake Out Ride – starting with breakfast at the Orleans Legion followed by a visit to the Bikers Church Motorcycle Show and Swap Meeting and then a ride to Perth’s Festival of the Maples; May 2nd 5 members of the Unit attended the interment for a fellow CAV member – Carmen Greer from Anzio Unit in Kars which was a moving tribute to a fellow rider; May 3rd Ride to Kingston to the Vimy Motorcycle Show- a good show with 8 members travelling down to Kingston.

b) Ride for Dad Update: Now have 11 people who had confirmed that they will be blockers. Trev reminded them that blockers must register. The registration is $25 or free with $100 in pledges.

c) Upcoming activities that the Road Captains have planned are:

  • May 9th Robert Fensky Ride led by Trapper
  • May 10th Airborne Memorial Service at Wegner Point – 41st anniversary of the lost of 7 paratroopers who drowned in the Ottawa River during an exercise
  • May 8-17th Myrtle Beach Bike Week
  • May 15-17th C.A.V. Spring National meeting in New Brunswick
  • May 16th Red Ride sponsored by the Renfrew County HOG Chapter in support of the Military.
  • May 23rd Harley Demo Day at Ottawa Harley on Industrial
  • May 24th Harley Demo Day at Outouais Harley
  • May 31st Harley Demo Day at Hawkesbury
  • June 1-6th Americade
  • June 6th National Memorial Ride – camping available June 5 & 6th at Navan Fairgrounds
  • June 12 – 14 Bikers in the Bay – Campbells Bay – sponsored by the Corée unit and funds raised will assist in developing a park in memory of those who lost their lives in Afghanistan with a tree being planted for each person lost.
  • June 20th John Flagg memorial ride – sponsored by the Blue Knights
  • June 27th or 28th Paardeberg Unit BBQ
  • July 3-5th New Liskeard

d) Ride Discipline was discussed: Trev reminded riders about the 2 second rule when riding in a group. Riders were reminded that slower riders should position themselves close to the front of the group. Sherriff encouraged all members to read the CAV Road Capt Rider’s Handbook.

e) June 6th National Memorial Ride: It seems fitting that the first ever NMR will be held on the 65th anniversary of D Day. There will be a special service at the National War Memorial downtown 11 am to Noon. The NMR will now start at 2 pm from the Aviation Museum on the Eastern Parkway. Camping is available at the Navan Fairgrounds Friday through Sunday. NMR t-shirts are now on sale and can be ordered from Radar. (Men’s $20/Women’s $25)

Trev reminded riders that on days were there aren’t scheduled unit rides members are encouraged to send out an email to invite others to join them on impromptu rides on weekends or evenings. The Road Captains have identified the Tim Hortons on Alta Vista Dr just north of the entrance to NDMC site as the Paardeberg impromptu gathering point for a coffee. It is suggested that members let each other know they are going for coffee to get members used to heading to that location.

Anyone with ideas for rides is encouraged to contact Trev at 613 830-7437 or ac.ocitapmys|netul.roverT#ac.ocitapmys|netul.roverT


Spider, Unit Webmaster reminded members that the unit website is now: www.paardeberg.wikidot.com. The timings and location of our meetings and all unit ride events are listed on the website calendar and updated weekly as information is received. He reminded members to send photos of members and their bikes. Perhaps old ones as there will be a contest with prizes. You may choose to download this calendar into your own personal calendar if you wish to synchronize calendars.

Members who are planning long rides this riding season are encouraged to keep a riding log and take pictures to share their rides with the Unit. Spider will to post trip itinerary/information and trip photos on the unit website.


Sheriff presented:

  • Dunks with year bar
  • François, Murielle and Spook with their Paardeberg badges


a) The evening draw winner was Watch Dog

b) Next meeting: June 2nd, 2009 at the Blackburn Arms Pub Restaurant, 2586 Innes Road, Gloucester, ON K1B 4Z6 at 6:00 pm for supper and 7:00 pm for the meeting.


Sheriff adjourned the meeting at 8:10pm

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