November 6 2012

Minutes Paardeberg Unit, 1 CAV
November 6, 2012

7:08 pm Trev, President called the meeting to order with a request for one minute of Silence for fallen soldiers and riders broken by:
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them, We will remember them.

In attendance:
Executive: Trev, President; Kathy, Secretary; Spider, Webmaster/Road Captain and Lucster, Assistant Road Captain

Members: Hammer, Newf, Wayne, Bgruff, Big Al, Fran, Silly, Jay, Road Runner, Nuke, J.C. Jacks and Dale (new member)

Guests: Alex (Jacks' brother from 3 CAV, Bill and Shirley

Regrets: Flatfoot, Sgt-at-Arms;

1. President Opening Remarks/Report
Trev asked everyone to introduce themselves. He welcomed new members Dale, Bill and Shirley as well as Alex, Jacks' Brother visiting from 3 CAV.

2. Vice President Report
No report from Mapper

3. Sergeant-at-Arms Report
No report from Flatfoot

4. Road Captain's Report
Spider announced that he was stepping down as Road Captain and turned in his Road Captain badge. He will remain as Unit Webmaster as well as posting photos and info on the Unit Facebook page. If you are on Facebook search for 1 CAV Ottawa Gatineau Facebook page and ask to join.

Past Events:

  • October 21 :– A number of members rode out to Beechwood Cemetary to pay their respects to Moon Mullins a valued member of Paardeberg Unit.
  • Lucster's new chrome : - Lucster has a new Gold Wing with chrome….

Upcoming Events:

  • November 4th:- Motorcycle Ride for Dad Volunteer Appreciation at the OPS Association mess
  • November 10th:– Unveiling of the Afghan memorial in Trenton
  • November 11 - 12 :- Weather is suppose to be good this weekend. Watch your emails and our facebook page for updated info on a ride.
  • Rides will be sporatic so keep an eye on your emails.
  • November 25th:- Motorcycle Ride for Dad Pool Party at Dooleys at 13:00 hrs $10 for 3 hours of pool. It was a fun afternoon last year with Big Al winning the little tournament that Paardeberg organized. I hope he will be there to defend his title.
  • December 2nd:- Wreaths Across Canada at Beechwood Cemetary. It was a great event last year and everyone is encouraged to attend.
  • December 7 to 9th:- Big Show in Toronto - this is the show were motorcycle manufacturers and dealers show off their 2013 motorcycles. There are a few other vendors, but this is mostly for the dealers.
  • December 9th:- Unit Christmas Party: members agreed to hold a Chinnese Auction and to bring items for the Ottawa Food Bank.

5. President’s Remarks
Trev thanked Spider for doing a great job of being Road Captain, especially the trip to Huntsville.

Trev reprted and updated on:

  • National Voting :- Trev thanked the veteran members of Paardeberg for voting, our unit had a 100% vote. In order for the motion to pass 80% of the Veteran CAV members needed to vote. Unfortunately only 69.5% of the veterans voted. The National CAV Unit will be meeting with Gabby and the Queens University Law department to determine what the options are for moving forward. Trev will update members as he receives information. Until then it is business as usual for all units.
  • Rider of the Year - 2012:- The Executive will be meeting to discuss who should be the Rider of the Year
  • November 11th:- Trev noted that Paardeberg has not attended a specific Rememberance service as a unit, but has encouraged members to go to a service of their choice.

5. Points from the Floor
a) Rembrance Services:- Roadrunner noted that he will be attending the Remembrance service in Cumberland, laying a wreath on behalf of the local member of the legislature then heading to Rockland for their Remembrance service
b) Unit Photo:- Roadrunner mentionned that he and his family had photographs done at the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum.There are some photos on his facebook page and he encouraged members to check them out. He suggested that the Unit go to the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum and have a group photo taken with our motorcycles in front of their heritage garage. Members seemed interested int takeing advantage of this option during the 2013 riding season. Roadrunner will look into this option for a unit group photo.
c) Fall Riding :- BGruff reminded members to ride carefully. Animals are becoming more of a hazard on the road. His van is in the shop after hitting a bear! So watch the road and ditches carefully.
d) Supporters:- Lucster suggested that the unit do something special for the units supporting members. This iwll be discuss more at a future meeting
e) Draw:- Roadrunner was the winner of this week’s draw.

5. Closing Remarks
Trev thanked everyone for coming out to the meeting and encouraged members to stay a while and visit.
a) Adjournment
Trev adjourned the meeting at 8:03 p.m.

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