October 2 2018

October 2, 2018 MINUTES

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In attendance:
Executive: Roadrunner, Vice-President; Kathy, Acting Sgt-at-Arms/Secretary
Members: Trev, Frenchy, Smiley, Sherain, Tank, Flaggy, and Flatfoot

Regrets: Woody, President; Army Guy; Welshgirl; Mapper

7:00 pm Roadrunner, VP called the meeting to order and called for one minute of Silence for fallen soldiers and riders – Tonight we remember Roadrunners Mother - Marilyn Anne Standen

Trev, Old Guard broke the minute of silence with:
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old,
Age shall not weary them, nor the years contemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them, We will remember them

1. President’s Opening Remarks
a) Roadrunner welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2. President’s Discussion Issues
a) Business arising items will be covered under other items

i) Review of last month’s events/rides:
Sept 09 Sun - The 30th annual Guide Dog Ride - the Unit was represented by Big Al, Road Captain and Trev, Old Guard. A good day to ride, well organized event with a good lunch.

Sept 15 Sat - Calabogie Motorcycle Poker Run – POSTPONED – Frenchy reported that the ride will be scheduled for September 2019.

Sept 16 Sun - Unit Ride and BBQ – Great day for a ride and BBQ - Thank you Krista and Adam for hosting the BBQ and to Big Al for the great ride through Lanark County.

Sept 29 Sat - Brett Pearson Run for Your Life - a cool day but that couldn’t stop Welshgirl, Mapper, Trev, Kathy or Woody. It was cool enough that we could do the slow ride in the parade. Guest speakers were former Governor General David Johnston and Matt Skube. Brett Pearson was 16 years old when he committed suicide and his mother started the run to raise mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

3. Vice- President’s discussion issues
a)VP – no updates to report
b) Website – Updates are ongoing – minutes of meetings and updating the calendar of events
c) Service Dogs – Tank provided a short overview of the status of government recognition of service/companion animals. He noted that the University of Laval conducted a study that showed the value of assist animals, be identified that there were no standards. A working group developed a set of standards however the government adoption of these standards were derailed by another group. There are government promises to develop these standards guidelines but are now focused on the next election. In the mean while neither veterans nor the public are protected.

4. Sergeant-at-Arms
a) Finance report: Kathy provided an update on the Unit finances: Expenditures for the last month were:
14/09/2018 Donation to Ride for Dad re: Kraken $50.00
16/09/2018 Food for BBQ - Adam Herman $50.00
25/09/2018 Postage - CAV membership $12.70

A $50 donation will be made in memory of Glenn's mother to the local Hospital Auxiliary. Kathy will get the details from Glenn.

b) Membership as of tonight: 25 members consisting of 3 Veteran Honourary Members, 2 Supporter Honourary Members, 16 veterans and 4 supporters.

5. Road Captain Report
a) Review/Update on next month’s events/rides:

There is nothing on the event calendar until our next meeting November 6th.
Keep a watch on your emails and our facebook page for impromptu rides weather permitting.

b) Special events/overnighters:
Breakfast gatherings – watch your emails for breakfast get togethers.
Christmas Dinner – members discussed and decided to go to the Rideau Carleton Raceway again this year. The dinner will be on Friday, December 7th at 6:30 for 7. Members will be subsidized at the rate of $10 per member. Should there be a storm that night the dinner will be rescheduled to January.

6. Points from the Floor
a) New businessElections, as mentioned Woody would like to step down as President due to his work load and family matters. The 3 positions which are required to allow a Unit to continue are: President, Road Captain and Sgt-at-Arms. If you are interested in stepping up and take the lead please contact Kathy or Woody. If you have questions on the expectations of these positions please ask.

7. Presentations
a) Presentations: none this evening.
b) Unit draw: tonight's winner is Roadrunner
c) General discussion – Trevor mentioned that he and Kathy had lunch with Amparo who seems to be doing well. She and her family were going to Los Vegas to visit the Grand Canyon and disperse some of Guy’s ashes as a visit to the Grand Canyon was on his bucket list. They will have a family holiday. She mentioned to Sherain and Welshgirl that she would be heading back to Colombia for the winter with plans to return in the spring.
Members felt that we need to set up a date and time to visit Bill Berry in the Rideau Perley.

8. President’s Closing Remarks
a) Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:52 pm.

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