October 7, 2008 Minutes

Paardeberg Unit, 1 CAV
October 07, 2008

Executive: Tom, Vice President; Trev Luten, Road Captain; Radar, Sgt-at-Arms, Jake, Communications

Members: Moon; Lavi, Ladouce, Hogwild; Smokey; Hammer; Scotty; Dunks; Sailor; Chevy; Spider; Watchdog; Rob; Newf.

Regrets: Sheriff, President; Kathy Luten, Secretary;

Tom called the meeting to order at 7:10pm


As there were many new faces, Tom encouraged a round table introduction to allow people to become more familiar with each other.


The Cambrai Unit has decided they would like their Christmas party to be held separate from the Paardeberg Unit. Tom asked for suggestions. They were suggestions for Ferme Rouge on Hwy 148 toward Mason ferry and Baton Rouge and Comedy Club. It was also mentioned that a DJ would likely not be cost effective.


There were free movie tickets available for the “Long Way Around” movie at the Silver City in Orleans for 15 October.


Jake reported:

a) asked to see those who were familiar with the CAV.ca website and the Dispatches. He discussed the history of the unit name and the relevance of Pte Thompson to the unit.

b) Jake said there will be more photos loaded to the unit website. He also suggested that Kathy pass the minutes to him to also be added to the website.

c) Jake suggested that people create web accounts such as GMail so they could log on and have the ability to chat with other CAV members live.

d) Jake said as the historian he will be adding more information to the website such as Black Watch interviews and other historical links.

e) He asked that unit members call him rather than email as he is experiencing keyboard limitations.


Radar reported:

a) Reminder that complaints be directed to the Executive. Members are to use the unit Chain of Command. No complaints should reach National unless it has been passed through the unit. Direct liaison is not encouraged.

b) During conversations at the mess it was discussed that during the unit Christmas Party we participate in a Chinese Gift exchange. The way it works is, you take something still good from your house, wrap it and bring it to the party. Everyone has a chance to choose a gift from the pile or steal someone else’s gift. This continues until all the participants’ gifts have been chosen. Then everyone opens his or her gifts at the same time.


Smokey Reported:

a) Directions were given on how to access the Albums. Smokey suggested using CAVOttawa.ca. To gain access to the member information the login is thecav1 and the password is “not again”. If anyone is having access problems call Smokey and he will assist you in getting to the information you are trying to find.

b) A big Thank You on behalf of the President was passed on to Trev, Road Captain. Trev was recognized for his outstanding hard work over the past summer.

c) It was explained that the forum was not to be used for bickering and complaining. It is not to be used to criticize the chain of command. It is to exchange experiences and ideas to one another and overall communication. Three people have recently been removed from the forum. They were discussing problems with regards to the stand up of a new unit etc. Address these things through the unit’s Chain of Command, not on the forum. Slandering is not tolerated.

d) There will be a link from the Main Page to the Paardeberg page shortly.
There is also a planned Buy/Sell section as well as Afghanistan announcements. Access will be for the unit members in good standing only.


Trev provided an overview of rides that have occurred since the September meeting:

a) 21 Sep – Army Run: 52 Bikes attended. Very happy to see so many take part. Very good day. CAV received a Thank You from Lieutenant-General Leslie as well as the new Chief of Defense Staff.

b) 4 Oct – Chase the Leaves: This was the final formal ride of the season.
The ride took us east of Ottawa through Carlsbad Springs, Bourget, with a short stop in Plantagenet. Then along the Ottawa River to Hawksbury with a stop at Goulet Motorsports/Tim Hortons. From there we headed south to the St Lawrence River, ride through Lancaster and stop along the St Lawrence seaway for lunch. Then on through Cornwall, Morrisburg and back to Ottawa ending the ride at the Tim Hortons in Manotick. A 400km ride that day. Little cool but very nice.

c) There may be another ride, watch in the emails. Trev was going to Brandon for his Mom’s 84th Birthday but will email if he plans to go for another ride on his return. He encouraged anyone going for a ride to send an email out to have other members join them.

d) Smokey as the assistant Road Captain could set up a ride and email others to join him.

e) 18th October - People wishing to attend the ride on in Kingston can email Sheriff to arrange to meet him. It is in support of 560 Royal Canadian Legion.
Breakfast is at 0830 and Registration is from 0900-0930. Cambrai will be in attendance.


Presentations were made:
Watch Dog received his name tag and Winged Wheel


Spider offered to coordinate a ride in the Wakefield area on Monday of the Thanksgiving weekend. He asked for those interested to look for an email coming. Suggestion was to meet at Tulip Valley for 11am then depart. The ride planned to return by 4pm.

Scotty won tonights draw.


Tom adjourned the meeting at 7:45pm

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