Ride And Events




1. Keeping with the spirit of The C.A.V., attendance at rides and events is entirely at the discretion of individual members. The date for unit rides/events will be communicated as early as possible to the membership. Members are expected to respond to the organizer of a ride/event within the specified time frame with attendance or other information as may be requested.

2. Visiting members of other C.A.V. HQ/units and non-members may participate in a planned unit event or activity with the advanced concurrence of the President. Persons showing up at a ride without notice may participate with the approval of the lead Road Captain and/or senior unit Executive Officer present, providing their participation was not previously denied.

3. Unit members may have a family member/friend accompany them as a passenger on unit rides without further authority. Similarly, family and friends may attend unit parties at the non-member price for the event.

4. The unit Road Captain may prohibit the participation of unit and non-unit members in unit rides to ensure the safety of all participants.


5. C.A.V. rides/events may be organized at the National, Formation (1 CAV) or unit level. These rides may be charitable or pleasure events organized by The C.A.V. or other organization's endorsed by The C.A.V. (i.e. Legion Rides, Ride for Dads etc.).

6. It is not possible to participate in every event or charitable ride sponsored/attended by The C.A.V., nor is it feasible to focus exclusively on charitable events. Therefore, the unit seeks to offer a balanced riding schedule that gives priority to one charitable event and to one other unit ride/event each month. Although maximum member participation on rides is always desirable, there is no minimum attendance expectation. Consistent with the The C.A.V. philosophy, the general rule of thumb is: attend what you want, when you can, and have fun doing it!


7. The unit Road Captain annually promulgates and periodically updates the unit ride schedule which is posted on the unit website and may be shared in electronic or hard copy at the discretion of the Road Captain. To assist members in identifying key rides, the annual ride schedule identifies activities using four distinct categories as follows:

· Priority Unit Ride: Represents a National C.A.V. / 1 CAV ride/event or charitable event the unit is hosting or has otherwise identified as a priority activity. Maximum unit attendance is desirable for these events, especially those hosted by the unit;

· Routine Unit Ride: Represents an organized unit pleasure ride planned and led by the Road Captain or a Deputy Road Captain;

· Informal Unit Ride: An informal gathering of unit riders at a central location on a date where there is no priority or routine ride. These rides are preferably led by the Road Captain or a Deputy Road Captain but if neither are available, the group will select a leader to safely guide the group; and

· Information Item: A motorcycle event presented for information purposes only. There will be no organized unit ride but these may become informal rides.

8. Priority events that are worked into the annual ride schedule include:

Month Event Scope Remarks
April The Brunch Run Unit First ride of the season short ride and brunch
May The C.A.V. Motorcycle Show 1 CAV Kingston, ON
May Ottawa Ride for Dads Unit Charitable event to fight cancer. Ride blockers
July New Liskeard Bikers' Reunion Fund raiser to fight cancer Unit
August Lewis MacKenzie, O.C. Tribute Ride The C.A.V. Annual RV and fund raiser for ICROSS Canada Annual national reunion at Kenora, ON
September Ontario Veterans' Highway Memorial Ride 1 CAV Organized by Paardeberg. Maximum attendance is encouraged.
September The Army Run see armyrun.ca The C.A.V Organized by Paardeberg. Maximum attendance is encouraged.
October Chase the Leaves Ride Unit Last ride of the season

9. Unit members may at any time suggest rides/activities to the Road Captain for consideration as unit events and possible addition to the Ride Schedule.


10. As a riding club, most activities are planned around motorcycling during the riding season and published in the ride schedule. However, the membership may choose to schedule an event outside of the riding season. Recurring non-riding events include:

· Remembrance Day: Members are encouraged to attend a Remembrance Day ceremony at area cenotaphs. Some members prefer to attend a cenotaph near their home but others prefer to observe their remembrance at the National War Memorial. In the case of the latter, when there are sufficient numbers, the interested unit members will select a convenient rendezvous location and attend as a group wearing their C.A.V. Vest. Those attending other ceremonies are also encouraged to wear their vest; and

· Christmas Party: Each year the membership organizes a Christmas party for unit members. The event is normally held at a legion or restaurant during the evening and includes a full meal. The unit will provide a financial contribution to offset the overall cost of the function. The extent of financial contribution from the unit fund is approved by the membership but should reflect a benefit only to paid-up unit members. For example, in the past the unit contributed funds that subsidized member’s tickets, thereby allowing members to obtain their ticket at a lower price than non-members.

11. The unit executive should not be expected to organize all events; therefore, members are encouraged to step forward to take the lead and/or assist in organizing events for the unit.

Approved by Membership: 7 April 2009

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