Ride Of Splendor

On Saturday October 2nd our Road Captain Hammer lead unit riders on a great ride through the Rideau Lakes area travelling to Perth, Chaffey's Locks, Opinicon to Sydenham for lunch at Trios Gill and Take Out. Following Lunch Hammer north and back to Ottawa via Westport, Newboro, Crosby, Forfar, Smith Falls with a stop at "The Country Christmas Shop" and Manotick.

Hammer.jpg newf.jpg Trev.jpg
Hammer @ Stittsville Tim's Newf @ stittsville Tim's Trev @ Perth Tim's
Trev_Hammer_Big_Al.jpg Fran_at_lunch.jpg at_the_Xmas_shop.jpg
Lunch @ Trios Fran @ Lunch Now that's how to park bikes
Xmas_truck.jpg trev_hammer_newf.jpg Hamer_Trev2.jpg
Xmas Truck Where are those Reindeer? Tell Santa we're good!
christmas_shop2.jpg Kathy-newf.jpg at_christmas_shop.jpg
The whole group Kathy and Newf Did you find the reindeer?
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