2017 The CAV - Riders Handbook

PLEASE READ: There have been a number of changes made to the Rider Handbook and Road Captains Guide and it is being distributed as a new guide not a revision and comes into effect 1 April 2017.

The following summarizes the major changes here all CAV members should be aware of the revised manual and familiarize themselves with it in its entirety.

Riders Assistance List

From now on Unit Road Captains, on behalf of the National Road Captain, will promote and assist in the maintenance of this list.

It will be the Unit RC's job to advise all new and existing members, both riders and non-riders, of this list; how to access it and how to be part of it. It will also be the Unit RC's job to contact their Formation Road Captain, with the name(s) of those members who have left and the Formation RC will forward these onto the National Road Captain, so that they can be removed from the list.

The list itself, along with the form to be completed and instructions for the lists use are located in the members only section of The CAV website under downloads.


Print off RAL sign up sheet and follow instructions at the bottom.

Winged Wheel Process

Once Annex A is completed in full, and signed off by the Unit RC and President, it will be forwarded to the Formation RC for review and approval. The Formation RC will then forward to the Formation Membership Coordinator to issue the Winged Wheel to the unit.

The Annex A form itself has had 2017 added to its title and shall be the only one accepted by Formations.

Part 3 Road Captains, Para 3.2 Appointment and Responsibilities

Effective immediately all Unit Road Captain appointments will be vetted by their Formation Road Captains.

The intention is to allow the two levels of RC’s a chance to get to know one another, open lines of communication and establish a working relationship from the get go.


Not withstanding the title of this book, it does not mean that the non-riding element should not read it. Those that support us from four wheels should be encouraged to read it so that they are well aware of what is happening when out with their unit, or formation, on a ride. Educated and employed correctly they are a huge asset.

Please pass this information on to everyone in your unit.

Ride Safe

Tom Johnston
Road Captain
1st CAV

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