September 2008 Minutes

Paardeberg Unit, 1 CAV
September 9, 2008


Executive: Sheriff, President; Tom, Vice President; Trev Luten, Road Captain; Kathy Luten Secretary; Radar, Sgt-at-Arms

Members: LA, Lavi, Geppetto, Smokey, Wayne, Spider, Hammer, Newf, and Chevy

Sheriff called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm and thanked LA for coordinating the meeting with the owner of the Blackburn Arms.


Sheriff reminded everyone that the Army Run will be September 21, 2008
He reported that 34 riders have confirmed that they will participate
He will be sending out a notice to all participants as to the RV point and timing.
He has a meeting with the Race Coordinator and the Police to go over the route and coordinate how the morning will roll out.

It will be an early day, but everyone will be finished early.
Trapper National CAV President has indicated that he will be attending.
Sheriff reminded everyone that the CAV will act as a Vanguard for the Arm Run and will parade by twos immediately following the Pace Car. The CAV has been recognized for its willingness to support the military community. Sheriff noted that members of the CAV are sure to have competing activities but encouraged as many members as possible to come out and support this event. General event details may be viewed at the Army Run Website: and
Registration for the ARMY RUN is also on the Running Room website:


Tom reported that Animal, 1 CAV President informed riders at the Veteran Memorial Highway Ride that he is seeking clarification from National HQ on several issues in attempt to foster greater transparency. For example, membership numbers are not clear nationally but 1 CAV is doing its own tally to confirm; and the National website may be misleading in relation to charitable activities and funds raised by the CAV. There are a number of serving and high profile persons who are affiliated with the CAV and it is paramount that the organization maintains a proper image; therefore, NO illegal activities will be tolerated.


Radar reported:

a) The CAV crest – this is the only crest that is allowed on the back of your vest. Do not put any patches / crests above or below this crest.

b) If you have ?s or concerns please use the chain of command: please approach any member of the unit executive and they will bring the issue / concern to the attention of the 1st CAV President, if he is unable to address the issue / concern then it will be taken to national. Members were asked not address any issues / concerns directly 1 CAV or NHQ.

c) Finances: current balance is $753.20


Trev provided an overview of rides that have occurred since the July meeting:

a) 23 August Ride to Kingston – This was a great ride via back roads to Kingston. There were about 10 bikes and two passengers. The weather was awesome. After lunch the group toured the Communications and Electronics Museum. Following this the riders broke into two groups: one group lead by Hammer returned to Ottawa via the St Laurence Parkway and the other group travelled to Trenton for the repatriation ceremony.

b) 28 August – several members of The CAV attended and paraded at the funeral of Sgt Eades at Beechwood cemetery.

c) 6 September – The Veterans Highway Ride – 16 bikes met at the Manotick Hortons for the ride to Angelo’s at the 401. There were over 20 bikes that came up from Vimy lead by Sheriff. Some other bikes met us at the Veterans Memorial for the service lead by Padre Dave. Following the service, some bikers headed to Trenton for the repatriation ceremony, a few other went to the Perley Hospital with Cambrai members where Thumper, President of Cambrai presented a cheque for $5,700 to support Veterans services.

Trev reported on the upcoming events:

a) 10 September – Repatriation Trenton – riders will be heading to Trenton for the repatriation of the latest soldier Sgt Shipway. Meeting points were arranged for those who wanted to attend.

b) 21 September – Army Run – more info to follow once Sheriff has met with the Race Coordinator and police

c) 25 September – Ride for Dad Appreciation – All those riders who were blockers for the Ride for Dad are invited an appreciation evening at the Police Association Mess on Catherine Street. You need to confirm your attendance.

d) 4 October – Chase the Leaves Ride – The final formal ride of the riding season is scheduled for October 4th – more information will follow by email.

Trev encouraged rider to send out emails to the unit if they feel like going for a ride and confirm that the start point is the Tim Horton’s on Hawthorne.

ACTION Radar will circulate an up-to-date Paardeberg unit email listing.


Presentations were made:
Lavi received his Paardeberg tag
LA received 2 year bars
Tom received 2 year bars
Geppetto received 3 year bars

Paardeberg’s remaining active charter members are: Wayne, Budda, Howizer and Geppetto.


Ride for Guide Dogs Riders were reminded that this Saturday there is a ride to raise funds for Guide Dogs, the cost is $15 per person and includes a BBQ.
Radar won the draw
Christmas Party – Cambrai invited Paardeberg to jointly hold a Christmas Party. Tom volunteer to contact Cambrai to get the details. Members agreed that they enjoyed last year’s location and DJ. Members present agreed that Paardeberg would pay half of the costs for a DJ.
February Social – LA mentioned that he could book a curling club and members thought that perhaps a curling event might be a great social activity. If you agreed or wish to volunteer to help organize these event please advise someone on the Executive ASAP


Sheriff adjourned the meeting at 8:05 pm

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