Best and the Worst

The Best and the worst time of the year for me is always the fall.

The colours are soul lifting and I am always in awe when I ride down that country road on a sunny day and smell the fresh air of the fall and see all the bright colours.

The Ottawa Valley has to be one of the best places to ride in the fall. All the soft and hard maple trees that are here give you wonderful colours to ride through. Taking the River road from Arnprior Ontario to Portage-du-Fort Quebec has to be one of my favourite routes.

The River Road takes you right along the Ottawa river through small villages and country side roads.

Where River road meets Storyland road you are on the highest point which looks over the Ottawa Valley. Stopping in at Storyland Park and walking through the woods with all the colours is brilliant and a great place to take a few pictures.

Being the fall you can dress for what ever the day brings on and take off layers when needed from the heat of the sun. Unlike the summer where you get to the point when it’s to hot and you can’t take anymore layers off, the fall offers you many options.

These are the days that carry us into the winter season and Christmas. Although I like Christmas and snow I always have this sad feeling in my heart. It’s the end of another wonderful year of riding my motorbike. The saving grace is I keep it in the garage at home close by me for the winter. If you ask my wife she’ll tell you she see’s me in the garage from time to time sitting on the bike and making strange sounds to myself, like a Harley Davidson going through the gears.

But that doesn’t happen!

Bob Webb /September 2010

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