The Dedication Ceremony

Rededication Ceremony in Laval, QC

These photos were submitted by Wayne Currie the only member from Paardeber to participate in this event.
Saint Marie's from just outside London, Ontario donated the Cenotaph to the City of Laval
These photos are from the ride to Laval for the rededication ceremony.
St Laurence and Coree CAV Units spear headed 1 CAVs participation to support the Laval Legion.
In total there were 6 CAV units and the beautiful weather made for an excellent day

CIMG1500.jpg CIMG1501.jpg CIMG1507.jpg
CIMG1502.jpg CIMG1503.jpg CIMG1506.jpg
CIMG1504.jpg CIMG1505.jpg CIMG1508.jpg
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