Unit Membership

How to join the Paardeberg Unit of The C.A.V.

You should first visit The C.A.V. National Website to learn about The C.A.V. and eligibility for membership. Please read The C.A.V. Link to the constitution is at the bottom of this page on The CAV National Website

After viewing the membership criteria you are welcome to attend a unit monthly meeting or join us for a unit ride to learn more about The C.A.V. and specifically the Paardeberg Unit. This will afford our members an opportunity to get to know you and for you to find out more about who we are and what we do prior to joining.

You are welcome to contact the Paardeberg Unit Sargent-at-Arms for additional information.

Once you have decided you wish to join the Paardeberg Unit of the CAV please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Link to print off the 1st CAV Membership Form
  2. carefully read the application form
  3. fill out the form
  4. bring it with a head and shoulders photo, your bio, a cheque for $65 payable to "The CAV/Canadian Army Veteran Motorcycle Units" and $5 unit dues to a unit meeting (see our-meetings area for timings and location)
  5. meet with either the Sgt-at-Arms or the President to obtain the unit signature.

The unit Sgt-at-Arms will forward your application to The CAV HQ.

CAV - Placement of patches on your vest

Badge_placement_on_vest.jpg Protocol%20for%20Crests%20and%20Tags%20on%20Back%20of%20CAV%20Vest.jpg

NOTE: As of July 1st 2018 patches are not allow in the two panels on the back immediately beside the CAV patch. The only the CAV crest is allowed on the back panel. Patches may be place on the side panels and front only.

The Paardeberg Unit would like its membership to follow this recommended standard for the placement of certain C.A.V. emblems on their vest. For further information, contact the Paardeberg Sargeant-at-Arms

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